DIY Tissue Box Paper Cover

DIY tissue box cover

Aren’t tissues boxes ugly?  In my opinion, I really don’t like the colors or designs.  I tried looking for a tissue box cover at local stores, but I just wasn’t in love.  Then I decided to just make my own so I can choose my design!

Here what you’ll need:

  • an old tissue box cover
  • modge podge (from Michael’s)
  • paint brush
  • fabric paper (Paper Source has tons and tons of beautiful designs!)

DIY tissue box cover

DIY tissue box cover

I love the gold leaves with the silver birds!

DIY tissue box cover

Be sure to cut the slits when you’re folding it inside.

DIY tissue box cover

Use an xacto knife to slit the top part open and glue the slits inside. Ta-Da!

Ugly tissue paper box covered…PROBLEM SOLVED!


auntie k



  1. What a cute idea!

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