How to Make an Advent Calendar

Knock knock! Who’s there? The holidays! The holidays are coming and with that, a lot of new and exciting things lie ahead for Pluto!

Auntie K has teamed up with the incredible Jessie Jane of Lilyshop to create an amazing DIY punch board advent calendar right on time to welcome in the new month of December.

Advent Calendars…fun for adults, but MORE fun for kids! Why?  Kids love surprises so let’s get into the Christmas spirit and make these holidays fun and enjoyable for your little ones.

Sure, you can buy a chocolate advent calendar from the store, but that’s not as enjoyable as making your very own handmade advent calendar and surprising your kids with little gifts that they’ll look forward to everyday! Whether it’s a small toy car, a princess bracelet, play-doh, or candy….your kids will look forward to punching through and reaching for a little treat each day.

What you’ll need:

  • 24″ x 36″ posterboard
  • circle cutter
  • spray paint
  • 25 small brown paper bags
  • specialty tissue paper

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Thanksgiving Decor Challenge – $50

I had so much fun doing my Halloween Decor Challenge last month that I wanted to repeat the challenge again for Thanksgiving.  Kids are from Pluto’s Thanksgiving under $50 décor challenge!

With a modern dining room to embellish, I knew I wanted to keep the décor clean with fall colors and include subtle touches of natural ornamentation: leaves, pinecones, fruits, and vegetables.

Your Thanksgiving decorations do not need to break the bank. Be creative and look in your yard for natural elements, in your fridge for un-used vegetables, or even on your kitchen table for fruits.  Then, stack them in tall cylinder vases and set them on the dining table for all your guests to enjoy.










Can you guess what my next challenge is?  I’ll give you a hint…it’s coming up in a couple of weeks!  I can’t wait!

Halloween Decor Challenge – $20

I know Halloween was last week but you can always save these ideas for next year right? =)  I wanted to make this Halloween party different so I challenged myself with a budget. I decided to limit my spending to $20 for Halloween decor. TWENTY-DOLLARS? I know what you’re thinking, how is that possible? I was a little bit nervous too but everything turned out BOO-tiful! Check it out!

Here’s what I got for $20 at the dollar store:

  • Black Construction Paper
  • Dry Ice
  • Fake Flowers
  • Skeletons
  • Creepy Crawlers
  • Spider Webs
  • Mini Cauldron


I used the spider webs and cut out my own bats using the construction paper to give the party a spooky and dark feeling.

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Halloween Candy BOOquet

Looking for that perfect gift to handout to others this Halloween? How about a Halloween Candy Bouquet, or.. BOOquet? Friends will feel special, teachers will feel appreciated, and grandparents will feel loved if they were to receive this holiday gift. A cute display that can be the centerpiece on someone’s desk or dining table, the Halloween Candy Bouquet is definitely creative and eye-catching.

With just a few supplies needed, and easy steps to follow, this Halloween arts and craft idea is great for children of all ages to enjoy. Just make sure you have enough candy to start with because we all know some might disappear in the process =)

Have another fun bonding experience with your child as you create memories with this easy arts and crafts project. After making a few, your child will be excited to hand these out to others (and maybe keep one or two for themselves).

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BOO-tiful Halloween Cupcakes

I know I’ve been on a major Halloween blog-fest but I can’t help it! The holiday is a fun theme for kids, the colors associated are absolutely beautiful, and coupled with the seasonal change from Summer to Fall, there is just so much inspiration for home and food décor this time of year. Building on my last week’s post on why you should cook with your kids, I would love to introduce you to a fun and easy activity – cupcake decorating!

Have you noticed there isn’t much buzz about cupcakes nowadays? They are taking the backseat to other pastries such as macarons, cakes, pies, cookies, and even yogurt dots.

You can walk down the grocery aisle, I am also guilty of this, and easily overlook the boxes of cupcake mixes neatly organized on the shelf all looking outward as if to say “CHOOSE ME! CHOOSE ME!”  Well, auntie k is bringing the cake mix and frosting back on the map!

Let’s give the cupcake some props. There are few ingredients, simple to make, fun to decorate, and nice to share. You can make your own cake batter, but if you’re like me, I’ll skip that and go with the pre-mixed boxes and spend more time dressing the cupcakes up for Halloween! The inspirations are endless but here are some boo-tiful cupcake décor you and your child can make together. Enjoy!

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The Many Things You Can Do With A Pumpkin

things to do with a pumpkin

There’s just something about Autumn that shouts “Pumpkin!” At no other time of the year are pumpkins used more often, and in so many ways, than in Autumn. They are loaded in every shopping cart, resting on every front stoop, and baking in every kitchen. Usually, the pumpkin takes the backseat to watermelons, strawberries, bananas, coconuts, and other fruits, but now, this humble orange pumpkin takes center stage, and in many different manners!

Go beyond the pumpkin pie and typical jack-o-lantern. Here are other neat things you can do with a pumpkin:

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