Jackson Jue – Love Me

We all know how much Jackson loves Justin Bieber….his style is a mini version of JB here, and we can’t forget the time we went to the beach for memorial weekend and Jackson ONLY wanted to listen to JB and sing to his songs!

When Justin Bieber’s “Believe” album came out, Jackson HAD to get it in his little hands!  Since then, it’s been non-stop Justin Bieber songs everywhere we go.  I’m not complaining though. =)  I’m still so amazed how this 3 year old boy can memorize AND rap to his songs.  Not only does he have the words down, but the smooth moves as well!  Check this video out of JP singing JB – Love Me — Pay attention to all of Jackson’s facial expressions (especially in the beginning), his hand movements, and how he moves his feet!



He’s definitely a Belieber alright!  Oh, and did I mention my sister bought him tickets to the Justin Bieber show at Staples!??!?  We are all going as a family for Jackson, (but we all secretly love him too)!  Section 100s….man Jackson is one lucky kid!

I hope you enjoyed this video!  Now go and listen to JB’s new album, it’s AMAZING!


auntie k


  1. Oh my he’s a cute and is a little Bieber for sure. You should tweet this to Justin ’cause he has 2 little siblings that are like under 4 years and loves them to bits. When he’s home in Toronto he takes them to big events and is such a good big brother to them.

    • Just tweeted this to JBiebs. 🙂 Hopefully I get a reply! hehe

      • Hey you never know and worth a try. My sister-n-law works for a music video station here and said when he was in for an interview last year he had his baby sis with him and he doted on her. She had a cold and he insisted she stay with him and he’d look after her because he misses her so:) My sis-n-law said it was very “real” and wonderful to see a teenager so famous be like this.

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