Happy Halloween!


Halloween is finally here! Watch over your little ghosts and goblins as they go trick or treating to keep them safe. And don’t eat too much candy! Enjoy a happy and safe Halloween!

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From my superhero family to yours,


20 Things to Consider When Choosing a Stroller

The stroller may just be the most important item you buy for your child, an absolute lifesaver! Being a parent is difficult enough, can you imagine what life would be like if you had to carry your son or daughter everywhere? From the parking lot to the restaurant, around Disneyland, in the mall… yes you will have some toned arms, but wow that can get really tiring!

So how do you decide on a stroller?  Do a quick search on Amazon and you will simply be overwhelmed to say the least.  Where do you even start?

From as low as $30:



To as high over $1,000:




Take a deep breath; I’m here with you. To simplify things, think of the stroller buying process as if you were purchasing a car. Yes you can buy the electric car with the convertible rooftop, navigation, and leather interior, but that will come with a steep cost. Or you can go to the other end of the spectrum and purchase the most basic car on the market. The beauty of it all is the delicate balance of your needs, wants, and budget.

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Sesame Street Helps Teach Kids About Hurricane Sandy

hurricane safety for kids

With Hurricane Sandy roaring across the nation, and I sit here in Sunny Southern California, I unfortunately cannot fully grasp the magnitude of the impact it’s had on the lives of those affected. You can read about it, you can see the pictures, but unless you’re actually experiencing it, you are naturally distanced from Sandy’s effect.

However, it is still important to understand as much as you can and explain to your kids what is happening with Hurricane Sandy. Similar to my post about 9/11, it is important that as parents, you ensure that your kids understands and is clear on what is taking place.

To help with this talk, Sesame Street has released a special hurricane episode in which the Sesame Street gang prepares for a storm. You can watch part 1 of the episode below and the remaining 3 sections at http://www.sesamestreet.org/parents/topicsandactivities/toolkits/hurricane. This website also includes a “Hurricane Kit” and has good information and tips on explaining to your kids about the hurricane.


Be prepared and be safe. To all those affected by Hurricane Sandy, you are in my prayers.

Cute, Modern Sofas and Chairs for Kids

sofas for kids

Cute, modern, fashionable, trendy… children nowadays have it all, and that even includes furniture, more specifically, living room couches and chairs. You think of your living room and usually there are only a few essential elements that make up the blueprint. You have your sofa, coffee table, TV, and maybe a counter of some sort. However, as your family continues to grow, more items might start to appear on the radar; although not necessary, mini, kid-sized couches and chairs may be on this list. Make that, cute, modern child couches and chairs may be on this list.

Kids love imitating adults, and knowing this, I’ve already recommended that you include your child in the kitchen. But also, they want to lounge on sofas like their mommies and daddies and sit on chairs like their mommies and daddies. Well, to do so, they will need kid-sized sofas and chairs! They already like throwing couch cushions on the floor don’t they? Why not protect your adult sofa and purchase one for your little one? Your child will enjoy it, and you know what, it also means you will get your sofa-space back. [Read more…]

Faux Fur Fun For Kids!

“Faux Fur Fun For Kids!” Now try saying that 5 times fast! Trends come and go, but statement pieces like a gush worthy faux fur coat will always be a fashion lover’s best friend, especially during the winter season.  As adults, we risk looking like a giant grizzly bear when wearing those large coats, but how would it look on kids? Huh, faux fur on kids? Well to my surprise, the furrier they are, the cuter!

As the temperature continues to drop, parents and kids are looking for fashionable ways to stay warm, and also trendy. From faux fur hats, vests, jackets, leg warmers, booties, to sleeping bags, pillows, and throws…the luxe faux fur is trending, and is trending for kids!

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Parenting Tip: Rewarding Good Behavior

Being a mother of two is no easy task, supplemented with having an older child with ADHD makes it even more of a challenge, but through everything, and with the support of my wonderful husband, I remain optimistic and confident knowing nothing is impossible. My name is Charity Shilkret, and I’d like to share this story with you.

There was a point in the past year that our 6-year-old son, Lucas, was so addicted to his Nintendo 3DS Mario game that it would be all he would talk about.  He’d burst out at dinner talking about some Koopa-something-or-other.  It was almost scary to see him zoned out and hunched over his video game as if he was possessed. 

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