How to Deal with Sick Kids

What’s worst than dealing with a sick kid?  Dealing with TWO sick kids!  Jackson and Riley have been sick for over a week, battling a slight fever followed by the sniffles and cough.  The thermometer and nasal saline spray have definitely been used more than ever.  The good news is… I think the worst is over now, with only the cough still lingering…. oh BUT the constant crying and fussy behavior are still there though!

Here are some ways to deal with sick kids:

  • Patience – Obviously the kids aren’t going to be at their best. Relax the routine, let go of the little things, be realistic about meal times, and don’t stress about the house (no one will be visiting anyway)!
  • Cancel your plans – If you have little ones under school age, cancel anything you can! Don’t bother with trying to squeeze things in… just let people know that the kids are unwell and you’ll reschedule asap.  If you have school aged kids, cancel school for a day or two (and sadly, yes, whatever you had planned too), and cancel any playdates until they are 100% well again.
  • Take shifts at night – Find a system that works for your family, so that you aren’t working 24-7.  Either take turns night and night about so that only one of you is getting up, or take pre-midnight shifts and post-midnight shifts.  (This week though, Jackson only wanted Daddy since he was out on a business trip!)  Single mamas, you need extra help during the day because you have to deal with v-e-r-y long night shifts.  Perfect time to ask help from girlfriends, grandmas, and aunties!

Working mommies, how do you juggle your career with caring for sick little ones?  Any tips to share?

kids say the darnest things

Happy Friday Everyone!

Here is a video of Jackson on Chinese New Years.  Look how excited he is to receive red envelopes from grandma.

Thank You Fat Choy Jackson?!  We need to work on that…


auntie k

My Inspiration for Kids are From Pluto

Simply put, Jackson is my inspiration. (Riley too, but this post is mainly about JP) =)  He’s the reason why I’m so passionate about kids.  He’s the reason why I blog.  He’s the reason why Kids are From Pluto exists.  These video and images speaks for itself.

**must watch ENTIRE clip (funny part starts at 1:30)**


Now that your rocketship is all painted, ready for Pluto?  5, 4, 3, 2, 1…..BLAST OFF!

auntie k

Fun and Games at the Baby & Kidz Expo

Hi Everyone!

So this past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the California Baby & Kidz Expo in Pasadena. From face painting, bunny rabbits, and arts and crafts, to organic baby food, inflatable jumpers, and kids entertainment…this expo had it all!  I had a lot of fun talking to the other mommies and daddies there who are just as passionate about kids as I am. Please enjoy some of the moments I was able to capture. =)

auntie k


Year of the Dragon = Year of the Babies!

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!  Today is officially the first day of the Chinese New Year 2012, the Year of the Dragon. ROAR!

Chinese New Year is not all about receiving hóngbāo (Red Envelopes filled with money)… although I do enjoy that aspect very much. =)  For those who aren’t familiar, Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year or Spring Festival) is a multi-cultural celebration embracing the first day of the New Year according to the Lunar calendar.  A time to reflect and celebrate, as people wish each other prosperity, good health, and happiness in the New Year.  This tradition is a huge family festivity (think of a family reunion, once a year), and this is why I love it so much.   In fact, in China, during this week, factories are CLOSED and electricity usage is expected to fall by 40%.

Even Warren Buffet celebrates the Chinese New Year as he played the ukulele on CCTV (China Central Television) a few hours ago!

The 2012 Lunar New Year has an even greater importance this year with it being the Year of the Dragon.   The dragon is the most unique sign in the Chinese Zodiac as it is the only year that is represented with a fictitious animal as opposed to real animals such as last year’s Rabbit.  A symbol of royalty, the dragon is believed to bring wealth, wisdom, and power.

How does this affect babies?  Well, hospitals across Asia are bracing for a Baby Boom in the Year of the Dragon.  Beds in Chinese Capital’s Maternity Hospitals are booked through August and even nannies have spiked their rates!  Whoa! Should we call 2012, the Year of the Babies?!

This reminds me of the time Jackson first met Riley last year.  Sorry Riley, one more year later and you could’ve been a Dragon Baby!

Happy Chinese New Years everyone!  I wish you happiness, good health, and prosperity for 2012!

auntie k

The Stages of Life… After College!

The common conception about a person’s life after college is to define it by the number of years of work experience.

During the first 4 years, you’re so low on the corporate totem pole yet still very motivated that you work hard and play harder.  These are the golden years and although you want to stabilize your career, you also want to ensure you don’t miss out on a little thing called “life.”

In years 5-7 you start to realize that you are no longer the staff, but have more responsibilities outside your own performance at work; you are in charge of others and you supervise and delegate tasks to ensure completeness of the job at hand.  Now it is also during these years that you really look at yourself and ask “is this what I want to do for the rest of my life?” Some people say yes, and proceed to climb the corporate ladder, sacrificing their social life for their career (maturity).  Others go back to school, learn a new subject, and continue down a different career path (also, maturity).  Whichever they choose, their social life takes a hit and work starts to become a larger percentage of life.

From years 8 to around 10, you really stake your claim in your career.  For all my basketball readers, you’re either in the starting 5, or you’re on the bench.  You are what you are at this point.

Years 10+: The years start meshing together and before you know it…. It’s 2025.  Whoa…

Well, I’d like to take another look at the stages of life as an adult from another perspective.  It’s much easier to understand I promise. =)

1)     Single

2)     Taken, but not married

3)     Married

4)     Married with Kids

During stage 1, you are free to roam as you please; the world is your oyster.  You expand your social network at the highest rate during this stage as you make most of your free time (“carpe diem!”).  On nights out on the town, you scope out the scene, and ask your friends, “Are they cute?  Let’s go talk to them.”  Indeed you are, the weekend warrior.

During stage 2, you meet someone and accept the label of girlfriend or boyfriend.  Life slows down a little, weekends start to consist of movie nights, parties are substituted with fine dining, and Sundays are considered a day for family, running errands, or resting… no longer is it used for recovering from the night before.  However, you still want to be in the “scene” so you live vicariously through your single friends.

During stage 3, you are officially married – till’ death due you part.  It’s just the two of you now so take advantage of it.  Travel (a lot), have date nights, buy things for yourself, and occasionally go out with the boys or the girls.  There are no restrictions so make good use of it before the inevitable occurs… well there’s one restriction.  You will learn a new term called “save.”  Save for the future… house with a white picket fence and tire swing, a dog named Jake, and little kids playing in the yard.  Yes, the future.

During stage 4, you’re married…with kids.  Everything changes.   You cannot be selfish anymore – kids are your #1 priority.  Expenses are not just the bills, car, or mortgage payments anymore, but add in the baby clothes, food, toys, books, diapers, diapers, and more diapers.   Instead of attending tailgates or birthday parties at a lounge, you are now going to music class for toddlers.  Instead of scoping out the clubs, you will be scoping out the jungle gym… “Is that kid cute?  Let’s go talk to his parents.”   Once you have met “the” one, you set up the date… the playdate.  This is the time to see if both families connect with each other… not just the kids, but the parents.

With that said…meet Joshua Chien, he’s a regular playmate for Jackson.  Not only do they somewhat look like twins (maybe because of the outfit?), but they also have the same interests in metallic paint, fruits & cheese, dancing in circles, Splendid clothes, and Justin Bieber.  These 2 families are a match  – Joshie and JP can entertain each other while their mommies and daddies enjoy their playdate.  The Chiens’ and Jue’s are officially dating! Should Facebook add that to their relationship status categories?  I think so! =)

Hope you enjoyed the post and pictures!


auntie k