Xenon Project Helicopter Giveaway

toy helicopter

Can you believe it’s already December? Let the countdown to Christmas begin!

Many of you have already set out in search for the perfect gift for your loved ones, but if you haven’t yet, I’d like to present you this wonderful giveaway.  On Pluto, remote control cars rule the road, but helicopters rule the sky!

This radio-controlled helicopter is fun, safe, and will surely put a smile on the face of that little pilot in your life. Kids are from Pluto and the Xenon Project has teamed up to provide you with this amazing giveaway, just in time for Christmas! And you will have your choice between 4 different styles!

toy helicopter

S102G Marine UH-60 Black Hawk RC Helicopter

toy helicopter

S107G Mini Gyro RC Helicopter

toy helicopter

S108G Marines Force Gyro RC Helicopter

toy helicopter

S109G Mini Gyro Remote Control Helicopter

For a chance to win a Xenon Project Radio-Controlled Helicopter, all you have to do is:

GIVEAWAY is open only to US and ends on Friday, December 14th.  Hurry and enter!

Good luck everyone!


XenonProject.com is a toy and hobby company that is dedicated to delivering a wide range of quality remote control products to you – the RC toy enthusiast. Both founders developed a love for high-end toys, specifically Remote Control Toys, which they saw as being extremely fun-to-use for all ages and having great technology. From there, the founders developed a vision to provide the public with enjoyment of these products.


MessMatz – making arts and crafts easier

Playdoh, markers, paint, stamps, stickers…ahh, the crafting life with kids. Do you hesitate to grab the art supplies because of the set up, the mess, and then later, the dreadful clean up? Seems minor, but we can all agree that arts and crafts with kids is never easy and clean. In fact, it’s a BIG MESS.

My nephew and niece, Jackson and Riley personally LOVE to play with Play-Doh.  PLAY-DOH, my sister’s worst nightmare.  Kids love Play-Doh for its texture, its flexibility, its mold-ability, its colors, and so much more. Parents love it because it keeps the kids occupied, but hate it because it gets everywhere! In the crevices of your table, all over the floor, Play-Doh can be a huge mess.

I recently had the pleasure to attend the 2012 ABC Kidz Expo and came across a simple and neat product that is the SIMPLE answer to this arts and crafts horror story. MessMatz.

MessMatz is made of silicone rubber and will be your table’s new best friend.  It’s simple, durable, certified food-safe, and non-toxic! No more messes on your table, counter, or floor. No more dried glue. No more glitter in every crack and crevice. No more paint left behind.  Most of all, it’s easy to clean up – just soap and water will do the trick!

MessMatz is great for Jackson and Riley to do their crafts on, even to use during their meals!  They love that there is a place for them to make a mess. If it’s blue, it’s COOL! It makes arts & crafts with kids so much easier!

MessMatz – making clean up easier, one crafts at a time.  Save your table, get one now!



Kiwi Crate GIVEAWAY ends TODAY

Happy Election Day everyone!  Have you got a chance to vote yet?  I hope so!  Even kids talk about politics here.

Did you got a chance to enter in the Kiwi Crate GIVEAWAY here?  If not, don’t miss your chance!

** Contest ends TODAY at 11:59 pm PST **

Good luck!

20 Things to Consider When Choosing a Stroller

The stroller may just be the most important item you buy for your child, an absolute lifesaver! Being a parent is difficult enough, can you imagine what life would be like if you had to carry your son or daughter everywhere? From the parking lot to the restaurant, around Disneyland, in the mall… yes you will have some toned arms, but wow that can get really tiring!

So how do you decide on a stroller?  Do a quick search on Amazon and you will simply be overwhelmed to say the least.  Where do you even start?

From as low as $30:



To as high over $1,000:




Take a deep breath; I’m here with you. To simplify things, think of the stroller buying process as if you were purchasing a car. Yes you can buy the electric car with the convertible rooftop, navigation, and leather interior, but that will come with a steep cost. Or you can go to the other end of the spectrum and purchase the most basic car on the market. The beauty of it all is the delicate balance of your needs, wants, and budget.

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The Ba – Baby Bottle Holder

The image of the traditional baby bottle has remained relatively unchanged for generations. A practical tool first invented to make breast-feeding more flexible, the baby bottle gives parents the ability to feed milk to their children anywhere, anytime. Already amazingly effective, the baby bottle is now even more versatile in its application with the invention of The Ba by The Original Baby.

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A Fundamental Necessity, The Portable Booster Seat

Eating out. One of America’s favorite past time. Let’s face it, after a long day of work, sometimes you just need to treat yourselves out to a nice dinner. Before, the children were around, it was a lot easier; you could eat anything and more importantly, anywhere. Now with the little ones, you have to take other things into consideration:

  • Loudness
  • Lighting
  • Decoration
  • Kids Menu
  • Order fulfillment Speed
  • High Chair Availability
  • Crayons

Most of the time, restaurants try to accommodate children best they can and will have each item above taken into consideration. However, as parents, there are just some things that you cannot leave to chance. One of those, is the cleanliness of the restaurant provided high chairs.

Yes, you would assume that the chairs are thoroughly cleaned after each use, but in actuality, a study conducted in October 2012 states that restaurant high chairs have more bacteria than a toilet seat.

Don’t panic!  Education is the key and as long as you are aware, you can be prepared to handle the chore of eating out with the kids.

I say, if you can help it, don’t use restaurant-provided high chairs/booster seats. With that in mind, I would like to feature a very useful product that my sister loves to use for my nephew and niece. This is, the portable booster seat.

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