Vegas Trip part 2 — Kid-Friendly Activities in Sin City

Ahhh Vegas…  Gambling, drinking, dancing, and other “sinful” things — obviously not a place a vacation for kids, right?  WRONG.  I thought it would be a challenge to bring Jackson and Riley to Sin City (and it was… somewhat), but in the process, we discovered many activities to do that was fun for the family…kids included!

1.  Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage Hotel– Did you know this mini zoo of tigers, lions, and dolphins existed…in Vegas?  No, you aren’t a hundred feet away from all the animals.  Instead you are right there within arms length!  Jackson was able to get close enough to see a lion cough up a furball! – I wish I caught that on video tape =(  But anyway, Jackson had a great time and even made a new friend!  Simba =)




2.  The Pool at the Wynn Hotel– Vegas is known for crowded pools filled with people drinking and dancing…well, not the pool at the Wynn.  It was very relaxing afternoon for adults and families seeking a more quiet and peaceful vacation.  Jackson and Riley had fun playing in the water with mommy and daddy while we got to sit back and bask in the sun.

3.  Peggy Sues 50s Diner– The road back from Vegas began with lunch at Peggy Sues’!  Driving back and seeing the signs for this diner, we knew we had to go.  After all, diners stuck in the 50s is not easy to find…especially in LA!  After being stuffed from their burgers, famous curly fries, and old-fashioned malts, we took a stroll through their Dinosaur — I mean DINER-saur Park.  Jackson loved looking at the mighty King Kong and the villainous Spinosaurus, although he probably had more fun feeding the ducks.  All in all, a great kid-friendly pit-stop!




4.  Calico Ghost Town– About 9 miles away from Peggy Sues’, we stopped by Ghost Town, an old west mining town that has been around since 1881!  It was fun for the family to walk around in the old western town, but Jackson had even more fun with the activities like Panning for Gold or experiencing the Mystery Shack – a mind boggling experience with optical illusions.  See for yourself!



5.  Getting a massage  – We all deserve a relaxing massage once in a while… even Jackson.  It’s tough being a kid.  Hehe, just kidding!

Next time you decide to go to Vegas and leave the kids at home with Grandpa and Grandma, think again!  Experience all the activities there are to do that makes it even more fun when you bring the kids along!  Enjoy and Happy Leap Year!

auntie k

Vegas Trip part 1 — How We Conquered Sin City with Kids

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas…well, not on this trip!

My family and I went on a short getaway this past weekend to Vegas, and as most of you know, Sin City isn’t the ideal vacation destination for young children (especially for Jackson-2 and Riley-11 months).  We had to be creative and think of ways to make the trip kid-friendly and fun!  With some good preparation and some improvisations, Vegas was a success for everyone, especially the kids!  Here are some ways the we conquered Vegas:

Bringing a little bit of home

What do you say when your child asks for Curious George or his block set during a vacation?  Well, for Jackson and Riley…we brought it!  My sister packed a bag-full of their favorite toys so although we were over 250 miles away, it still felt like home. =)  When dealing with young children, you want to ensure living arrangement is as comfortable as possible.  If not… be prepared for crying babies and lack of sleep!

In-Room Dining

In Vegas, there are age limitations to who they allow at their restaurant so as to maintain the ambiance and to ensure a pleasurable experience for their patrons.  Basically, you don’t want to be on a date with a special someone and be seated next to a crying baby.  I get it… So how do you adjust?  Two words…“ROOM SERVICE.”  In-room dining worked out perfectly for my family since we’re a large group with kids.  Jackson and Riley were able to eat and play without us worrying if they were causing a disturbance to others.

The Baby Bjorn 

Does this look familiar from an earlier post?  The Baby Bjorn is a lifesaver!  Strollers get in the way at crowded hotels, so by attaching Riley onto her daddy, it made it much easier to maneuver.










Improvising Games 

When kids get bored, what do we do?  Make up games on the spot!  While we were shopping, Jackson kept wanting to go back to see the Tigers at the Mirage, so we thought of playing hide-n-seek to distract him.  We had fun hiding his version of “Simba” in clothing racks and pillows.  Best part was Jackson’s laughter… he loved it!


So, this was how my family defeated Vegas with kids!  Although we didn’t do the typical things you’re supposed to do in Sin City, we had an amazing time hanging out together as a family.  No matter where you go, be sure to make things comfortable, easy, and fun for everyone!  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post about the kid-friendly activities we discovered in Sin City!


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Paint your own Rain Boots!

It’s raining, it’s pouring
The old man is snoring
He went to bed and he bumped his head
And couldn’t get up in the morning

I remember when I used to sing this with my friends whenever it rained.  Although I couldn’t go outside and play, this song cheered me up a bit =)  Once in a blue moon, I did get to go outside but it was not pleasant.  It would seem like a good idea at the time but I would end up with wet hair, wet clothes, wet shoes, and worst of all…..wet socks!

Thinking back, I wish I had worn rain boots.  I did have rain boots but they weren’t very attractive.. just plain Jane yellow boots.  Nowadays, there are SOO many different designs such as Hello Kitty, Thomas the Train, Batman, and Superman designs.  Well, I found hidden treasure this morning when I did some Google research!  How about designing your own boots from My Design!

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Hello Las Vegas!

Happy Friday =)

I am so ready for this weekend.  I am currently packing and getting ready to head off to Las Vegas with the family… kids and all!

Las Vegas

I know I know… You don’t really associate a family getaway with Las Vegas but you’d be surprised that there ARE kid-friendly, family-type things to do in the City of Sin.

I’ll keep you all posted next week on what happens on this adventure. Wish me luck!!


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San Francisco International Gift Fair part 3

Hi everyone!

Sadly this will be the last of my 3 part series about the unique discoveries I found at the San Francisco International Gift Fair… but HAPPY THURSDAY!  One more day closer to the weekend! =)  *Drum Roll*

Meet the friends of Apple Park — Mischievous Monkey, Little Lamby, Cuddly Cubby, Shy Bunny, and Ducky.  These 5 pals love to picnic under their favorite tree where apples grow in the shape of hearts!  How cute is that?!  Not only do their adorable plush faces make my heart melt, but their 100% eco-friendly organic cotton, hypoallergenic filling makes them even more lovable for kids and planet Pluto!

Apple Park Picnic Pal Wrist Rattle

With the soft baby velcro on the Picnic Pal Wrist Rattle, put them in place for non-stop, drop-free, rattling, and jingling fun!

          Picnic Pal Plush Friends & Bamboo Loungeware

Lounging never felt so good!  Collect all 5 Picnic Pal Plush Friends and lounge around all day.  The sustainable Bamboo Loungewear is super soft…it’ll be your child’s favorite pajamas!

 Picnic Pal Blankets

Take your Picnic Pal Blankie on the go!  At the park, in the car, at the restaurant, wherever it is — your Picnic Pal friend will always be with you.

Picnic Pal Organic Puppets

These adorable Picnic Pal Finger Puppets are a fun way to entertain little ones.  They’re full of personality and fun…just give them a hand!

Picnic Pal Children’s Books

Do you want a good story to read to your child?  The Apple Park
Picnic Pals book teaches children about living a healthy lifestyle.  Not only do they talk about being good to Earth, but they teach the value of friendship!  Very cute.

There is SO much more to see from Apple Park!  Block sets, teething toys, stroller toys, backpacks, booties, beanies, the list goes on and on!  Spread the Apple love and eco-friendly goodness to all kids around you!

I hope everyone enjoyed the 3 little gems I discovered!


auntie k

San Francisco International Gift Fair part 2

I hope everyone enjoyed my last post about the Buddha Board and is excited to read about this little gem I discovered at the San Francisco International Gift Fair!

Meet Hello Hanna…an adorable company that creates products that sparks creativity in all of us — young or old.  This is especially beneficial to young children as it keeps their minds engaged while having fun.  Looks like a win/win situation to me!

Every design already looks amazing right out of the package.  But Hello Hanna takes it a step further.  Imagine if someone simply gave you pizza dough along with every ingredient you can think of and tells you “create your masterpiece.”  After you put what you want on your pizza, it is put into an oven, and “POOF!” you have the end product.  Well, minus the oven… this is similar to what Hello Hanna does in that they provide you with inspirational ingredients and gives you the freedom to create your masterpiece.




Do your kids get distracted easily at restaurants?  With these fabulous Get-Set Placemats, kids will have fun customizing their own placemats and even learn a thing or two about where to put the fork, knife, and spoon.  It’s a way to let them be creative before a meal and most importantly, to stay busy! =)

We all know kids love stickers right?  Hello Books allow kids to customize their own picture books with STICKERS —  and lots of it!  Whether it’s putting together cupcakes or strawberry pies, decorating their own castle, or even building a robot to their own fantasy…there is something for every little boy and girl with a big imagination out there…the ideas are endless!

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget the mommy and daddies.  There’s something at Hello Hanna for you too!  If you appreciate all the little details as much as I do, then you will love the darling wishing birds, the amazing wishing tree, the sweet cupcake stands, and even the adorable edible cupcake toppers.  For any occasion, these products can be used as decoration and will definitely stand out.

photo credit:  Hello Hanna

Unique, simple, and cute… Hello Hanna definitely caught my eye, and hopefully yours too!  Are you excited to read about my final discovery tomorrow?  Stay tuned!


auntie k