In the Spotlight with Table Lamps

I love how table lamps have come so far!  You could see anything from animals, acrylic, branches, and to bling for the base of the lamps.  Lamps make a huge statement in a room don’t you think?  It’s such a slight detail decor, but it makes a such a difference!  Wouldn’t you love to read next to some adorable lamps beside your bed?!  I know I would!  Check out some to-die-for lamps, for kids or for yourself!


1.  I love the crystal ball with the splash of yellow chord!

2.  Simple, clean, and modern.

3.  Pink Ruffles for the girly-girl.

4.  The elephant modified to its essential form.

5.  The vintage look and tree branch base is so shabby chic!

6.  Another tree branch but with lovebirds.

7.  Aren’t the colors so fun?!

8.  For those who love the bling-bling.

9.  Perfect for a newborn.

10.   I’m obsessed with flag banners!

11.  Safari Animals on a whole another level.

12.  Love the all white with the fish.

13.  Meant to be for a boy’s room.

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What kind of lamps do you have next to your bedside?!


auntie k


  1. I LOVE table lamps. I have 3 that are vintage crystal clear ball lamps sorta like number 8 but simple and modern looking. I had to bid like crazy on ebay to get all the pieces I needed to refurbish 2 and I ended up being able to have 3. My Dad helped me with the wiring part.

    • So cute Cyn! I love refurbishing items! You must let me see! Email pictures yes?! 🙂

      • working on it:) Got one pic ready for you of a lamp I bid and fought for like crazy on ebay and all it needed was re-wiring and a new shade. Gotta snap the others and I’ll definitely email you:)

  2. Quinton Mckeirnan says:

    I always prefer to use table lamps that are using Light Emitting Diodes because they last longer and they generate less heat. `.”*

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