Warm, Simple, Fun Snacks To Cope With Winter’s Cold Weather


I think most of you can agree that it’s been quite chilly lately. During these cold winter days and nights, nothing beats snuggling up to the warm simple pleasures of delicious comfort food.  Here are my top snacks that will warm your heart.


  • Crunch Mozzarella Sticks – These are fun, fast, fabulous, and perfect for an after school snack!  Your kids will love the warm, gooey and cheesy goodness!

  • Mushroom Pizza Bites – Have your kids assemble their own mini mushroom pizza!  Prepare numerous toppings and lets your kids go have fun with the ingredients!

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 2.44.14 PM

  • Baked Potato Eggs – These delicious baked potatoes are crispy on the outside, but soft and warm on the inside… yum! It’s delicious on its own or can be topped off with an egg, or better yet, sour cream!

  • Whole Wheat Rosemary Pretzel – Eat your heart out, Wetzel Pretzel! You won’t need to make that trip to the mall to enjoy these homemade pretzels.

  • Grilled Cheese and Tomato Bisque – Your child will love dipping their grilled cheese sandwiches into a very delicious complimentary bowl of tomato bisque.

  • Cornbread – Quick and easy to make, your kids will love this warm snack!

Enjoy and stay warm!


Thanksgiving Desserts

Thanksgiving food… got the turkey, ham, gravy, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, and yams.  With all that on your plate, make sure there’s room for dessert! Yes, dessert, the dish that’s always there and never forgotten. =) There are plenty of ways to include autumn’s signature flavors into desserts that go beyond the usual offerings.  Here are a few Thanksgiving sweets to serve along with the traditional ‘ol pumpkin pie!

Make it fun for everyone, especially the kids who will be coming along to dinner!  Invite your kids into the kitchen to create some of these adorable Thanksgiving desserts for everyone to enjoy!

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Tea Collection – 2012 Fall Clothes for Kids

Hello world. Meet Tea. Welcome to caring and creation. Discovery and exuberance. Welcome to inspiration and connection. Welcome to their world. Welcome to your world. Like you, Tea was born to explore it, to experience it with every bit of your souls.  Each season, Tea travels to an international destination and is inspired by the beauty they discover in their travels. They come home and then design a collection of classic and unique styles for you.

This holiday season, find Tea’s inspiration from Sweden. There, when the sun sets early and the cold descends, families create their own warmth with candles, coffee, food, and friends. They call these gatherings fika, which translates as comfort in companionship.  This season, Tea wishes you and yours a large helping of fika with a side of Tea style.

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Faux Fur Fun For Kids!

“Faux Fur Fun For Kids!” Now try saying that 5 times fast! Trends come and go, but statement pieces like a gush worthy faux fur coat will always be a fashion lover’s best friend, especially during the winter season.  As adults, we risk looking like a giant grizzly bear when wearing those large coats, but how would it look on kids? Huh, faux fur on kids? Well to my surprise, the furrier they are, the cuter!

As the temperature continues to drop, parents and kids are looking for fashionable ways to stay warm, and also trendy. From faux fur hats, vests, jackets, leg warmers, booties, to sleeping bags, pillows, and throws…the luxe faux fur is trending, and is trending for kids!

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Halloween Dessert Recipe: Marshmallow Popcorn Cake

Marshmallow Cake-1

One of my favorite things about Halloween is being able to use this day as an excuse to eat more dessert, good ol’ Halloween sweet treats. =) Sure you’ll be passing out candy to trick-or-treaters or to your child’s friends and classmates, but is that going to stop you from sneaking in a piece or two? Of course not, it’s Halloween!

If you’re in the giving mood and want to make treats for your family, friends, coworkers, or anyone else really, you definitely have plenty of options in terms of Halloween-themed food ideas. You can obtain inspiration from my Halloween Board, bake Halloween-themed cupcakes, follow my kid-friendly pumpkin recipes, or do an endless Google search for Halloween inspired dishes.

Today, I’d like to disclose to you a simple, quick, affordable, and SHAREABLE Halloween Sweet Treat called Marshmallow Popcorn Cake. This wonderful dessert is colorful, sweet, crunchy, sticky and most importantly, DELICIOUS. After trying a few bites, you may have to think twice before deciding whether you do in fact want to share this yummy dessert. =)

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Frozen Yogurt Dots


Are you looking for a healthy snack that bodes well with your child’s lifestyle? Consider making frozen yogurt dots for your kids. They are a healthy snack that is fun and so easy to make that your children can help too! Having your children help you cook has many developmental benefits.

This may seem totally unrelated, but do you know what the top first baby words are (other than mommy and daddy)? The National Literacy Trust research reveals the top first words to be:

1)      Dog

2)      Cat

3)      More

Hmmm, how did “more” crack the Top 3? Actually, this doesn’t surprise me one bit. This word is easy to say, and especially easy to use. Does this sound like a common scenario at home?

You give your little one a small treat. How do they respond? “More.”

Okay, so you give them a little more. How do they respond? “More.”

This goes on and on until you know what? You’re out of treats!

If you’re going to give your child “more,” at least make it healthy right?

Well, with frozen yogurt dots, it will be easy to give your child “more.” Feel guilt free as you keep giving them more and more healthy bite-sized yogurt to eat.

To do so, follow these simple instructions for healthy eating:

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