Movember – A Month of Growing Moustaches

baby with mustache

Hey Mo Bros, it’s November and “Movember” or also known as “No Shave November” has begun!  This is the time when men grow a moustache to raise funds and awareness of men’s health and men’s mental health issues.  It’s an annual month long charity event that raises money for prostate and testicular cancer. This foundation started in 2004 and has spread awareness throughout Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, the United Kingdom, Israel, South Africa, Taiwan, and the United States! The main goal is to “change the face of men’s health” by increasing early cancer detection and reducing the number of preventable deaths. In 2012, it was named a top Non-Government Organization in the world!

Kids can even help support Movember without growing the moustache!  Here are some Mo-inspired kid items to really get your follicles going.

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Happy Halloween!


Halloween is finally here! Watch over your little ghosts and goblins as they go trick or treating to keep them safe. And don’t eat too much candy! Enjoy a happy and safe Halloween!

superhero costume

From my superhero family to yours,

Sesame Street Helps Teach Kids About Hurricane Sandy

hurricane safety for kids

With Hurricane Sandy roaring across the nation, and I sit here in Sunny Southern California, I unfortunately cannot fully grasp the magnitude of the impact it’s had on the lives of those affected. You can read about it, you can see the pictures, but unless you’re actually experiencing it, you are naturally distanced from Sandy’s effect.

However, it is still important to understand as much as you can and explain to your kids what is happening with Hurricane Sandy. Similar to my post about 9/11, it is important that as parents, you ensure that your kids understands and is clear on what is taking place.

To help with this talk, Sesame Street has released a special hurricane episode in which the Sesame Street gang prepares for a storm. You can watch part 1 of the episode below and the remaining 3 sections at This website also includes a “Hurricane Kit” and has good information and tips on explaining to your kids about the hurricane.


Be prepared and be safe. To all those affected by Hurricane Sandy, you are in my prayers.

What Kids Think About the 2012 Presidential Election

image via.

As most of you know, the presidential debate took place yesterday between President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. They discussed important issues ranging from Taxes to Medicare.

Everyone has their strong views in regards to the election. Even the smallest residents of Brooklyn, NY!  They may not have the right to vote (yet), but these kids have some serious opinions. In light of the importance in deciding who will lead the nation for the next 4 years, come watch these kids talk about politics. It will surely bring a smile on your face.

Happy Thursday everyone, and enjoy.

explaining what happened on 9/11 to your kids

Good morning everyone,

Today is September 11, 2012.

It has been 11 years since the tragic 9/11 events that changed the world forever. I was a young teenager when I initially heard of what happened that fateful morning and I remember feeling no sense of time, shock, and numbness.

With violence being such a common theme in our society today, through the video games we play and the TV and movies we watch, you sadly get “used” to it and you don’t realize the magnitude of what actually occurred until reality catches up with your senses and your numb feeling goes away.

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