Baby Fashionista: Aila Wang

Watch out Suri Cruise, there’s another IT tot in town…Aila Wang!  She is none other than fashion designer Alexander Wang’s adorable niece and already one of coolest mini superstars.  That girl is turning heads as she struts down in her trendy outfits with her very own mini Rocco bag,  a true baby fashionista!

Can you imagine what her closet is like?  It’s probably filled with miniature A.Wang handbags, fresh off the runway frocks, and custom pieces made especially for her!

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How to find a Nanny

kids are from pluto

How to find a Nanny? Seems easy enough, but please let me rephrase the question. How to find the right nanny? To all the mothers out there, this is no easy task. Not everyone is like Mary Poppins, aka the total package:

  • Clean
  • Thorough
  • Friendly
  • Social
  • Respectful
  • Efficient

During your search, expect to meet a lot of no-no’s before you find THE nanny that you trust and feel comfortable enough to take care of your loved one.  Start the search early, be detailed, and remain patient. At the end of the day, your ability to choose the right nanny will pay off tremendously later on down the road.

Here are a few tips to guide you through the nanny-search process:

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Make your own Stamps

Make your own Stamps!

Huh? You can make your own stamps? Yep, you sure can. But let me first clarify, I am talking about rubber stamps, not the post office stamps for your letters.

It’s quick, fun, easy, and affordable; all ingredients for a wonderful arts and crafts project for your kids. The other day I was browsing around for stamps at Paper Source and surprisingly, when the cashier rang me up, I had a total of $60.  This was just too much to pay for such a simple item so I decided to look for alternative ideas.

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Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy

Did you know that about 20% of children have eczema?  Unfortunately, my nephew and niece both have this condition.

cute kid

I may be biased but no one is more in tune with the current remedies and options available for children’s eczema than my sister. With both Jackson and Riley having such sensitive skin, she has tried them all. Especially this time around, the itchy dry skin complemented with the current high temperatures, equated to a pretty miserably summer for Jackson and Riley. But then, we found this revelation. One product stood out from the rest, and that was Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy.

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One Patterned Wall

Goodbye Summer, Fall is here! Who says we have to wait until Spring to do some cleaning and redecorating? To me, there’s never a bad time to revamp the décor around the house. That said, what are your thoughts on wallpaper?  I used to associate the word wallpaper with tacky because I always had the image of my grandparent’s busy flower wallpaper pattern that made me dizzy after staring at it for so long.

People in general seem to have mixed feelings about wallpaper. On the one hand, it’s not as easy to apply or alter as paint is. On the other hand, it can create a much bolder, more entertaining atmosphere in a room, especially for children.


Image via.

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ZARA for the little ones

Happy FASHIONABLE Friday everyone!

So I’ve been doing some online shopping and I can’t believe how adorable Zara clothes are for kids and their models makes everything 10 times cuter!

I am so over this summer weather already!  I can’t wait for the cold to come so I can start layering, wearing scares, coats, and BOOTS!   While I was doing some online shopping, I got sidetracked with all the kids clothes from Zara.  Why is everything made for kids so much cuter?!

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