Which Christmas Card are You?

Doesn’t the world seem so much smaller this time of year?  There’s something about Christmas that just brings people together.  The common theme of Joy, Hope, and Love provides for a universal platform where people can relate to each other, despite differences in age, gender, race, religion, etc.  You can feel it all around you: houses decorated with Christmas lights, presents under the Christmas tree, Mariah Carey Christmas songs on the radio, eggnog in the grocery stores, Christmas cards in the mail, the list goes on and on… and I’m not talking about Santa’s naughty or nice list =)

With everything going on around me, I admit that Christmas this time of year came swiftly and I was not at all prepared.  Next thing I knew, I was rushing to get last minute stocking stuffers and Secret Santa gifts, looking up recipes for the family holiday potluck, and ever since I picked up photography, helping my sister and her family take pictures for their Christmas Card.  You would think that the latter would be one of the easier of the tasks mentioned… not so much.

Before even taking Christmas card pictures, you have to have a game-plan.  What is the message you want to send?  How do you want the message to come across?  Outfits?  Location?  Lighting?  Time?  etc. etc. etc…?  All these need to be taken into consideration before even picking up the camera.  Having gone through this already, I have laid out some examples that you may consider when taking pictures for your Christmas card.  Have a look and ENJOY!  So, which Christmas card are you?

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