How to Make an Advent Calendar

Knock knock! Who’s there? The holidays! The holidays are coming and with that, a lot of new and exciting things lie ahead for Pluto!

Auntie K has teamed up with the incredible Jessie Jane of Lilyshop to create an amazing DIY punch board advent calendar right on time to welcome in the new month of December.

Advent Calendars…fun for adults, but MORE fun for kids! Why?  Kids love surprises so let’s get into the Christmas spirit and make these holidays fun and enjoyable for your little ones.

Sure, you can buy a chocolate advent calendar from the store, but that’s not as enjoyable as making your very own handmade advent calendar and surprising your kids with little gifts that they’ll look forward to everyday! Whether it’s a small toy car, a princess bracelet, play-doh, or candy….your kids will look forward to punching through and reaching for a little treat each day.

What you’ll need:

  • 24″ x 36″ posterboard
  • circle cutter
  • spray paint
  • 25 small brown paper bags
  • specialty tissue paper


Using a circle cutter or scissors, cut out (25) 4″circles. 5 circles across and 5 rows down. Now, I know most advent calendars only count up to the 24th day because it’s technically the count down to Christmas, but I believe that Christmas should also have it’s very own special treat….so our punch board has 25.


Once you have your circles finished you are going to want to spray the advent board with spray paint. You can always skip this step, but it looks a little more finished when it has some color.


Be patient and let your board dry.


 In this example above we used red tissue paper on the entire board. This is the fastest option. Use your spray glue and spray the back of your board (the non spray painted side) and then quickly stick down your sheets of tissue paper. Just think you could be done right now!


…….or you could be super fancy and spend an extra hour finding specialty tissue papers to make the ultimate DIY ornament advent punch board! This is the back of the board – we did the same as above except we cut different papers and used glue to stick one behind each circle cut out. (TIP: Make sure your papers are thin so you can punch through them)



Ta-Da! And now you can embellish.


We cut out little black tops for all the ornaments (which got glued to the board) and we used glitter numbers (adhered to white paper) as the calendar of days.


Lay your advent surprises in the middle of your tissue circle and cut down 25 small paper lunch bags or plastic bags.


Tape the bag down around the sides of the circle. You must do this for all 25 circles.

And there you have it!  December 1st is almost here. Don’t miss out!

A big thanks to Jessie and Sheena from Lilyshop and her little angel for modeling our beautiful advent calendar!



  1. That is CUTE!!!! I need to make that STAT!

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