MessMatz – making arts and crafts easier

Playdoh, markers, paint, stamps, stickers…ahh, the crafting life with kids. Do you hesitate to grab the art supplies because of the set up, the mess, and then later, the dreadful clean up? Seems minor, but we can all agree that arts and crafts with kids is never easy and clean. In fact, it’s a BIG MESS.

My nephew and niece, Jackson and Riley personally LOVE to play with Play-Doh.  PLAY-DOH, my sister’s worst nightmare.  Kids love Play-Doh for its texture, its flexibility, its mold-ability, its colors, and so much more. Parents love it because it keeps the kids occupied, but hate it because it gets everywhere! In the crevices of your table, all over the floor, Play-Doh can be a huge mess.

I recently had the pleasure to attend the 2012 ABC Kidz Expo and came across a simple and neat product that is the SIMPLE answer to this arts and crafts horror story. MessMatz.

MessMatz is made of silicone rubber and will be your table’s new best friend.  It’s simple, durable, certified food-safe, and non-toxic! No more messes on your table, counter, or floor. No more dried glue. No more glitter in every crack and crevice. No more paint left behind.  Most of all, it’s easy to clean up – just soap and water will do the trick!

MessMatz is great for Jackson and Riley to do their crafts on, even to use during their meals!  They love that there is a place for them to make a mess. If it’s blue, it’s COOL! It makes arts & crafts with kids so much easier!

MessMatz – making clean up easier, one crafts at a time.  Save your table, get one now!




  1. What a fantastic idea!!!! I’m definitely looking into getting this for my little messy sensory seeker. Did you see any alternatives to Playdoh or making your own homemade dough at the show? I’ve seen this “therapy” putty at my son’s school and its amazing what you can do it with it to really develop the tendons in their little hands for using scissors and writing. One neat idea is hiding pennies in a lump of the dough and the little ones have to use their fingers to pinch the pennies out. Maybe you’ve seen this in your travels…..thx!

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