Simple Toys for Kids

Today’s advanced technology with it’s motion sensors, sensory pads, audio and visual capabilities can often lead to the misperception that modern is better, especially with the case of toys and games for kids. Yes, I admit, with the invention of the iPad, the task to keep your child entertained is on cruise control.

Pros: You can be rest-assured that your child will be entertained, sitting, and behaving.

Cons: You lose that sense engagement with your child.

Sometimes simpler is better and less is more.  Let’s try putting down the iPad and other advanced technological toys that came out of a box and let’s be creative with the most simplest and fun toys/games that can be just as effective and possibly even more memorable.

Never run out of fun things to do with these clever ideas! Engaging, interactive, and fun, these simple games/toys will provide your child with hours and hours of amusement.

  • Hang a bedsheet across the room and turn off the.  Use a flashlight and throw a puppet show!
  • Get your kids outside with a bucket and they will find things to do with it. Pour water in and out of it. Collect things like rocks, seeds, bugs, frogs, and leaves.

  • Collect pillows, stack them up, jump on them, hit each other with them, and when you get tired, take a quick nap.

  • You can practically make a band out of the items in your kitchen – Pots, pans, wooden spoons, metal spoons, plastic bowls, wood cutting boards, plastic cutting boards. Turn them over and have the kids hit different combinations to hear the different sounds. Turn them right side up and pretend to stir the inside.

  • What do you get when you mix water and corn flour?  Magic Goo! Hard and solid to touch but when a handful is picked up it liquifies…tons of fun and scientific too!

  • Hose down the backyard with your kids and “accidentally” spray them with water. Whoops!

  • Kids will love surprising their friends when they crack open confetti-filled eggs on each other. Also, made of real eggs, your kids will surely love that “CRACKLING” sound!

  • Bubbles….hours of entertainment don’t you agree?
  • A fun alternative to walkie talkies, take two Styrofoam cups and a piece of string, poke holes in the bottoms of each cup, thread one end of the string through each cup, and tie a knot to keep the string in place. Now the kids can talk to each other from a distance with no roaming charges!
  • Hide items around the house or in the backyard and create your very own scavenger hunt!

  • You can do 1,000 different things with cardboard boxes…forts, build a car, make it into a garage for little tikes, build a rocketship, a house…get creative with your kids!

  • Oil and Water…have your kids trying “mixing” them together.  Add glitter, small toys, anything to make it into a sensory bottle.

There are endless possibilities of simple games for you and your kids to enjoy!  Just put on your thinking hats and get creative!


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