Kiwi Crate WINNER

The Kiwi Christmas Crate Giveaway is over!  Last time I hosted the Buddha Board giveaway, Jackson helped me pick the winner and it was such a huge hit!  I’m doing the same method again except this time I asked for Riley’s help as well.

Scroll down for pictures of Jackson and Riley picking the lucky winner!

Kiwi Crate-1

Kiwi Crate-4

Kiwi Crate-2

Kiwi Crate-5

Kiwi Crate-7

Kiwi Crate-11

Kiwi Crate-10

Kiwi Crate-9

Congratulations Naomie from Kids and Deals,

I hope you and your kids enjoy the Kiwi Christmas Crate!

Thanks to everyone who participated and Kiwi Crate for hosting this giveaway!  And an extra big thanks to Jackson and Riley for helping me pick the lucky winner!


  1. Thank you Jackson and Riley for picking me! I have 4 little one who are going to be so excited!

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