Tea Collection – 2012 Fall Clothes for Kids

Hello world. Meet Tea. Welcome to caring and creation. Discovery and exuberance. Welcome to inspiration and connection. Welcome to their world. Welcome to your world. Like you, Tea was born to explore it, to experience it with every bit of your souls.  Each season, Tea travels to an international destination and is inspired by the beauty they discover in their travels. They come home and then design a collection of classic and unique styles for you.

This holiday season, find Tea’s inspiration from Sweden. There, when the sun sets early and the cold descends, families create their own warmth with candles, coffee, food, and friends. They call these gatherings fika, which translates as comfort in companionship.  This season, Tea wishes you and yours a large helping of fika with a side of Tea style.

See how I used Tea’s Nordic Style to put together 3 different outfits for different holiday occasions.  The layering options are endless!

Honeysuckle Keyhole Blouse in 3 ways

Holiday Party sweater | skirt | socks | shoes

Christmas Program at Schooljacket | skinny cords | shoes | hair clip

Meeting Santa at Nightvest | pants | boots | hat

Snowflake Henley Sweater in 3 ways

Family Dinnerplaid top | cords | shoes | socks

Holiday Partyhoodie | cargos | sneakers

Night Shopping vest | jeans | boots | beanie

They’re Tea. They go there. Across the street. And across the globe. To see. To be. To share—especially to share. It’s how they bring you the world. Come along with them. They can’t wait to see you. And definitely bring your kids.

Give Joy this fall, Give Tea.  Happy Nordic Holidays!


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