How to Win the Battle of Kids Against Vegetables

Let’s face it. There exists an ongoing battle between kids and vegetables.

You know how it is…

Eat your broccoli, eat your carrots.


I don’t want to eat that” =(

This is vegetable reality. Kids aren’t going to eat their leafy greens just because you say vegetables are good for them and seeing your child refuse to eat vegetables can get quite frustrating. Veggies benefit child development, as it is a great source of fiber, vitamins and nutrients. But darn it, how do we get kids to eat vegetables?!

Don’t worry, this is a war you can win, and auntie k is here to help.

What you need is a plan of action, creative ideas, and a few good recipes. I will show you how to disguise vegetables cleverly and make them fun and kid-friendly. Armed with these creative tactics, victory is almost certain!

Now get out there and start sneaking!

Tips to hide veggies in your child’s meals


Pizza Pizzazz – Decorate homemade pizzas with faces or patterns made from slices of tomato, onion, zucchini, or mushrooms

Get Creative – Children enjoy food that has been crafted into funny faces or animal shapes

How fun is this Sesame Street veggie and fruit platter from my Sesame Street birthday inspiration board here.

Get Cooking – Encourage your kids to cook with you in the kitchen.  Here are some reasons why your child should be your little sous chef!

Sneak them into Pasta – Add some vegetables to their pasta sauce.  Shred vegetables like carrots and zucchini and top it off with some cheese!

Drink Up – Blend up green leafy vegetables with fruit to make green smoothies that are easy to drink and delicious for kids to suck down.

Try them in Soup – Blend vegetables in soups and sprinkle with croutons

Broccoli Cheddar Recipe here

Sandwich it – Add grated carrot, cucumber, or tomato to sandwiches with cheesy spreads or hummus.

sandwich for kids

Cucumber Cheese Finger Sandwiches Recipe here

Go Organic – Grow snack-friendly varieties of vegetables in a garden for kids so they can snack while playing outdoors

Bake it – Grate zucchini or carrots and substitute them for the bananas in banana bread, or make zucchini bread or carrot cake from a favorite recipe and call them “Confetti Cakes”

Put it on a Stick – Make colorful vegetable and cheese kabobs. Give kids the options to make their own, just provide the veggies, fruits, and cheese!

 Substitute – Why not swapping butter for avocado?

See how here.

 Use wraps – Try mashing up beans or edamame and spread them on a flour tortilla topped with grated cheese.  Roll it and then heat in the microwave.

Cheesy Bean Burrito Recipe here

Serve them Raw – Kids love finger food, so serve small raw vegetable pieces with dips, or their favorite, ketchup.

Have a Contest – Host a cooking contest for your children with the “special ingredients” being vegetables.  Everyone can take turns judging and tasting.  Winner gets a “special treat”

Get Artistic – Let your kid’s imagination run wild.  Let them play with their food by creating funny faces with veggies on the dinner plate, but on one condition. You give them the “art supplies”, but they must eat whatever they create!

Purchase Ms. Food Face Kid’s Dinner Plate here

If you find something that is a favorite with your child, don’t be afraid to offer it often. Use it to your advantage!

The main thing is to not get frustrated, remain calm, and be persistent. Sometimes children need to be offered new foods a dozen times before they’ll try it and discover they like it… or at least don’t mind it!  That’s the goal right?!

Victory is yours – good luck and go get ‘em!

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