20 Things to Consider When Choosing a Stroller

The stroller may just be the most important item you buy for your child, an absolute lifesaver! Being a parent is difficult enough, can you imagine what life would be like if you had to carry your son or daughter everywhere? From the parking lot to the restaurant, around Disneyland, in the mall… yes you will have some toned arms, but wow that can get really tiring!

So how do you decide on a stroller?  Do a quick search on Amazon and you will simply be overwhelmed to say the least.  Where do you even start?

From as low as $30:



To as high over $1,000:




Take a deep breath; I’m here with you. To simplify things, think of the stroller buying process as if you were purchasing a car. Yes you can buy the electric car with the convertible rooftop, navigation, and leather interior, but that will come with a steep cost. Or you can go to the other end of the spectrum and purchase the most basic car on the market. The beauty of it all is the delicate balance of your needs, wants, and budget.

You can approach your stroller purchase in two ways:

Set your budget and then choose from the available options OR start with a list of features that you ABSOLUTELY need, and filter your preferences from there. Either way, you will have to weigh your possibilities against each other, based on what you value more: features or price. To help you with your decision, I have provided you with Auntie K’s list:

20 Things to Consider When Choosing a Stroller

1.  Portability, size, weight – How big is too big? How heavy is too heavy? Everyone has limits. What’s yours?
2.  Cost – Think about your budget and try not to go over. Keyword… “TRY”
3.  Comfort – How does your child fit in the stroller? Is there enough legroom? How about headroom?
4.  Aesthetics – How does the stroller look to you? Do you even care?
5.  Type of stroller:

  • Lightweight
  • Standard
  • Convertible travel system strollers
  • Double or triple stroller
  • Jogging
  • Carriage

6.  Warranty – Your peace of mind.
7.  Wheel features – What is a stroller without functioning wheels? Make sure you choose large enough wheels to withstand everyday debris and that are made of hard-rubber material instead of filled with air… this increases its durability. How about traction and maneuverability? Do you plan to jog with the stroller? These all need to be taken into consideration when choosing a stroller!
8.  Umbrella – Does it come standard with the stroller? Is it made of UV resistant material? Or do you have to purchase an umbrella attachment?
9.  Sturdiness – Frames could be made of hard plastic, aluminum, or steel. Based on its materials, the stroller may be priced higher or lower and can weigh more or less.
10.  Handle heights – Since you’ll be doing the pushing, you’ll want to make sure that it fits comfortably to your height. Some strollers come with fixed handle heights while others have adjustable features.
11.  Seat qualities – Strollers can be made with a standard, no frills seat, or it can have a reclining feature that can be adjusted based on your child’s comfort. Some seats can even be reversed so that you can see your child as you walk them around.
12.  Snack and drink tray – Yes this will be useful in keeping your child preoccupied as you push them through the mall, but is it necessary for you? Maybe yes, maybe no.
13.  Suspension – With better suspension comes a smoother ride.
14.  Harness system – 3-point harness, 5-point harness? How secure is secure?
15.  Non-stroller questions:

  • Neighborhood environment: smooth streets, bumpy roads, etc.
  • Travel arrangement: car, bus, subway, or walk.
  • Weather: Rainy, sunny, shady, windy.
  • Hobbies: Do you jog? Do you want to jog with your child?
  • Do you plan to have another baby? Maybe you should go with a neutral color.

16.  Wash-ability – Often, the fabric material can be removed and machine-washed. Sometimes, it can’t and you will need to do a surface clean.
17.  Material – It can range from all natural cotton to organic soybean fibers.
18.  Foot muff – For those cold winter strolls.
19.  Cargo space – You will need to carry the toddler essentials everywhere you go. Yes, this includes that blankie! Make sure there’s enough cargo space to hold everything.
20.  Brand – Yes, there are many stroller brands for a reason. Are you going to go with a Mercedes, Toyota, or Pinto? Do you even care?


That should definitely be enough to get you started.  Believe me, finding the best stroller for your needs will make all the difference. Have fun and happy shopping!



  1. these are great tips! Picking a stroller can be a stressful time. These tips help to reduce being overwhelmed with the choices. 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes, strollers can be overwhelming…even going a quick Google search was stressful! I hope mommies and daddies out there will find this list helpful. =)

  2. Good tips! You should do one about baby wearing options too.

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