Sesame Street Helps Teach Kids About Hurricane Sandy

hurricane safety for kids

With Hurricane Sandy roaring across the nation, and I sit here in Sunny Southern California, I unfortunately cannot fully grasp the magnitude of the impact it’s had on the lives of those affected. You can read about it, you can see the pictures, but unless you’re actually experiencing it, you are naturally distanced from Sandy’s effect.

However, it is still important to understand as much as you can and explain to your kids what is happening with Hurricane Sandy. Similar to my post about 9/11, it is important that as parents, you ensure that your kids understands and is clear on what is taking place.

To help with this talk, Sesame Street has released a special hurricane episode in which the Sesame Street gang prepares for a storm. You can watch part 1 of the episode below and the remaining 3 sections at This website also includes a “Hurricane Kit” and has good information and tips on explaining to your kids about the hurricane.


Be prepared and be safe. To all those affected by Hurricane Sandy, you are in my prayers.

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