Halloween Candy BOOquet

Looking for that perfect gift to handout to others this Halloween? How about a Halloween Candy Bouquet, or.. BOOquet? Friends will feel special, teachers will feel appreciated, and grandparents will feel loved if they were to receive this holiday gift. A cute display that can be the centerpiece on someone’s desk or dining table, the Halloween Candy Bouquet is definitely creative and eye-catching.

With just a few supplies needed, and easy steps to follow, this Halloween arts and craft idea is great for children of all ages to enjoy. Just make sure you have enough candy to start with because we all know some might disappear in the process =)

Have another fun bonding experience with your child as you create memories with this easy arts and crafts project. After making a few, your child will be excited to hand these out to others (and maybe keep one or two for themselves).

What you will need:

  • Floral Wood Picks
  • Floral Foam
  • Assorted Candy
  • Tissue Paper
  • Wire
  • (4) large Hersey chocolate bars
  • Hot glue gun or clear tape

Halloween Candy Bouquet-2

Halloween Candy Bouquet-3

Halloween Candy Bouquet-4

Halloween Candy Bouquet-5

Halloween Candy Bouquet-6

Halloween Candy Bouquet-7

Halloween Candy Bouquet-8

Halloween Candy Bouquet-9

Halloween Bouquet-10

Halloween Candy Bouquet-11

Try making this adorable Halloween BOOquet for someone that loves candy!  It’s a simple gift that will bring a smile on anyone’s face!



  1. Neat idea!! I was so impressed that I Pinned this before I noticed you had a button for that!

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