25 Indoor Activities for Kids on Rainy Days

Unfortunately, rainy days are just better spent indoors. And when the kids are inside, all they can think about is “Rain, rain, go away, come again another day!” Let’s face it, kids love to play outdoors, and as parents, it’s much nicer to look outside and see the sun, open the front door, and watch the children run around than to think of indoor activities to do on a rainy day.

I mean, you can have your child put on their rainboots and drive to the mall, go bowling, eat lunch at the local diner, or head to the movie theaters (too bad The Lorax is not showing anymore!), but all require a certain amount of effort to dress up warmly, to find those umbrellas, and to drive out to another location.

There’s just something about rainy days that makes me want to stay in wearing my comfortable pajamas and relax. I’m sure others can agree!

Don’t underestimate the number of fun activities you can do in the comfort of your home.  Kids are a special breed; they perceive the world much simpler than adults. Compounded with their amusing imaginations, it is quite easy to entertain young children. This is why your toddler can laugh every single time you play peek-a-boo.

Get down to your child’s level, and think, what can you do with them? What can you possibly do to pass the time on a rainy day. If you’re having trouble, here is a list I came up with:

1)   Throw the pillows and cushions on the floor, bring out your blanket, and make a fort or even a castle!

2)   What’s good on a rainy day? How about some hot chocolate? Make some hot cocoa with your child. Let them drop in some marshmallows and remember to not to drink it until all the marshmallows have melted!

rainy day activities

3)   How about some good old fashion board games? Dust off that the Chutes and Ladders, bring out the Battle Ship, or play Connect 4. Have a tournament and let them win a few!

4)   Play the Hot Cold Game! Agree on an object to hide somewhere in the room. Have your child close their eyes as you go hide the object. After you are done, have your child open their eyes and try to find it. Help by saying “Warmer” as they approach the object, “Colder” as they go further away from the object, and “Hot” as they are absolutely near the object. After they find it, switch turns!

5)   Set up a fun indoor obstacle course for your child and time it. Depending on the amount of space you have and your child’s age, set up a series of “obstacles” to complete. Crawl under tables, jump on sofa cushions, spin around 3 times, or even fold 5 pieces of laundry (haha, why not!). The possibilities are endless, just make sure it’s safe.

raidy day activities

6)   I spy with my eye, something BLUE! This simple game will keep your child guessing!

7)   If you have a fireplace, roast some marshmallows and make smores. Can I have s’more?

rainy day activities

8)   Microwave some popcorn and watch a classic Disney movie. I’m not talking about Cars or Toy Story, how about Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, or the Little Mermaid?

9)   Put on a treasure hunt. Go into the other room and hide some chocolate or candy. When you’re done, bring in the kids and have them search for the loot! If you want, you can even dress your kids up as pirates =)

10)  Tell a story using shadow puppets!

rainy day activities

11)  Play charades. Listen to your children laugh as you over-act to help them figure out the word.

12)  Play the Food Guessing Game. Blindfold your child, feed them some food, and have them guess what it is. Cheez-Its, grapes, broccoli, yogurt, ketchup, etc.

13)  Set up some empty water bottles as pins and challenge your child to some good old fashion indoor bowling. Have your child step WAY back and try to knock down one pin from across the room.

14)  Make some sandwiches, cut some fruit, layout a blanket, and have a picnic.

rainy day activities

15)  Bake cookies, cupcakes, or even macarons!

16)  Use cardboard boxes as cars and have your kids play red light, green light.

17)  Take silly pictures and send them to grandma and grandpa!

rainy day activities

18)  Go Island Hopping. Jump on the pillows and couch cushions and be sure not to touch the ground or you’ll drown! Set up a course and have your child try to get from Point A to Point B.

19)  Play hide and seek.

20)  Bring out the crayons and make some art! Hang them up in your child’s room afterwards.

rainy day activities

21)  Have a dance party! Don’t be embarrassed, everyone grab a hair comb and sing and dance your heart out.

22)  Pitch a tent in the living room and lay around in sleeping bags. Have a good old fashion camp out.

indoor tent

23)  How about some Arts and Crafts? Provide your child with scissors, glue, tape, stickers, crayons, and markers and have them create something.

24)  Blow up a balloon and play indoor volleyball. Use toilet paper to create the court.

25)  Do a puzzle together.

rainy day activities

Of course, when you’re doing these activities, be sure to have your camera in hand. When your kids get older, it will be nice to look back on these memories together.

Rainy days aren’t so bad after all right?



  1. littlefashionistas says:

    I just need those ideas! here it has been raining the whole day 😦

  2. I am so on board with the fort idea! 🙂 brings back childhood memories with my siblings…I love rainy days!

  3. Great post. Don’t forget sensory bins on rainy days!

  4. thank you for reposting! 🙂


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  2. Quora says:

    What are good rainy day activities to do with kids at home on weekends?…

    Rainy days can be a great opportunity for kids and parents to do something indoors and create amazing family memories together. Instead of thinking of rainy days as depressing or a nuisance, make it a “special” day and do things you would not have done…

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