Halloween Inspiration BOOard

I can’t wait for one of my favorite holidays to come… HALLOWEEN!  The month of October is exciting; Neighbors putting up their Halloween decorations, pumpkin patches being set up, autumn leaves falling all over the front lawn, and children running around in their Halloween costumes. Other than the need to rake the leaves, I love this month.

If you are planning a Halloween-themed party, the décor possibilities are endless. The major concepts that go into throwing this party are:

  • Use dark colors
  • Provide dim lighting
  • Serve food and drinks that resemble objects that are normally creepy, scary, or gross
  • Decorate using themes of the living dead, bugs, and the super-natural

Let your creativity run wild and have fun, but be sure to not make it too scary for the children. These are some innovative ideas I came across. Some are cute, some are scary, some are weird…but that’s what makes Halloween so fun!  Enjoy!

DecorCut off the tops of the pumpkins and put serving trays on it.  Such a fun way to incorporate pumpkins at a table setting!

Image via.

halloween party ideasWhat kind of party would it be if there wasn’t a pumpkin cooler?!

Image via.

halloween pumpkinI love the idea of panting a white pumpkin and putting fishnet stocking over it…maybe I’d add some spiders too!

Image via.

halloween party decor

Image via.

Halloween party decorDress up your candles and submerge them in candy corn!  Just don’t be tempted to stick your hands in there and grab one. =)

Image via.

halloween party decorahhh bloody ice!  A fun way to serve your fruit punch AND it’ll keep it cold!

Image via.

halloween party ideasServe some creepy crawlers in your jell-O!

Image via.

hallloween party ideasI would love to drink out of a “steaming” cauldron with a paper straw!  See what else you can do with paper straws here.

Image via.

halloween party ideasJack-o-Lantern Cheeseburgers

Image via.

halloween party ideasSuch a cute skeleton cupcake!

Step by Step via.

halloween party ideas

Step by Step via.

halloween party ideasScary Sippers!  Mummy juice boxes for the little ones!

Step by Step via.

halloween party ideasCheesy witch’s brooms!

Step by Step via.

halloween party ideasYou’ll have no problem getting the kids to eat their apple slices when they’re this horrifying.

Image via.

What kind of Halloween party throw-er are you?  Cute, fun, gruesome, scary, weird???  For more ideas, visit my BOO-tiful Pinterest board here.  Enjoy!



  1. mouthfulofwords says:

    Wow, so beautiful, and the pics are also very stunning. Honestly, with two kids under 5, I wasn’t planning on doing much, but you’ve given me the spark , just might copy paste this into my kitchen area, and do a few of these with the kids. Can’t wait to read you’re other creative post.

    • mouthfulofwords says:

      Btw, what’s in the steaming cauldron?

    • Isn’t Halloween so fun?! I think it’s such a fun holiday for the kids! Even though they’re under 5, they can help you put up spider webs, bats, pumpkins, anything! Your kids will have a blast helping you!

      • mouthfulofwords says:

        It is, but I just wish not so much candy was involved, last year my three year old daughter came back with so much. I must admit I didn’t let her eat most of it, I’m boring aren’t I? But I do get into the spirit of it, and instead of buying our costume we’ve make ours. I fear, my kids will eventually want to purchase one, but in the meantime we try and get creative.

      • I am 100% with you on making costumes! It’s more unique and special! Why look like the rest of the kids out there? I always help my sister with her kids costumes, it’s way more fun!

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