Kid-Friendly iPad Cases

How many times has your child been fussy at a restaurant and they asked if they could play with your iPad? Kids these days are using the iPad as a learning device to understand colors, ABC’s, and their 123’s. As much as I love how technology is integrated as a fundamental part of childhood and the learning process, the idea of a child running around with an $800 device where they think is a “toy,” makes me nervous.

Pluto has definitely evolved through time. The world in which kids grow up in today is very different from even 10 years ago where. Back then, kids learned on basic personal computers playing games such as Oregon Trail and Math Blasters. Not to take anything away from these great educational games, but they were not as portable and easily accessible as today’s iPad and other tablets.

With that, the iPad has become widely popular in today’s age. The benefits of the iPad are endless, but unfortunately they were not built with the little ones in mind. Children are not as careful, have smaller hands, and weaker finger strength than adults. Whenever my nephew or niece is using the iPad, I am on the alert.

To help deal with this issue, there are many great cute child-friendly iPad cases that are made specifically to help your child hold the iPad better and protect it from accidental mishaps. Lucky for you, I compiled a list of my favorites!kid friendly ipad case

Speck iGuy $39.95– Say hi to iGuy. He’s fun, colorful, free-standing, and kid-friendly. The bright colors and enjoyable shape make iGuy super fun for your child!
kid friendly ipad caseM-Edge Supershell $34.99 – This was created with your child’s tiny hands in mind. Made from ultra-protective closed-cell foam that help absorb shocks, this will surely protect your iPad from those accidental drops.
kid-friendly ipad caseBig Grips $34.95 – Hands down the largest iPad case I’ve seen!  The good news is that the foam case is very, VERY thick and ensures a large area for grip. It is also non-toxic and is free of lead, Phthalate, and PVC. The bad news is that it is not the ideal travel size, especially since there are already many other necessary items in mommy’s purse!
kid friendly ipad caseGripcase $29.99-$39.99– Creatively designed and built with child-friendly materials, this case features handles that make it easy to hold while protecting the iPad in all the key areas. Don’t let go!
kid friendly ipad caseGriffin Lightboard $14.99– This is a protective case and art table in one! This case is built for Griffin’s Lightboard Trace App. You simply attach a piece of paper into LightBoard’s clipboard frame, launch the app, and your child is all set to let their imagination run wild.
kid friendly ipad caseGumdrop $64.95 – A simple case made to protect any drop!  Shock absorption, drop protection, extreme roughness, and hard-core readiness for any adventure!  What’s most fun about this case?  It’s colorful and you can mix & match!
kid friendly ipad caseLaugh & Learn Apptivity Case $35.00 – It’s never too early to let your child play on the iPad! This super cute case is made specifically for babies at least 6 months of age. Fisher Price offers unique protective features like drool and teething protection and it also comes with a selection of free learning apps. The most impressive thing is that the case allows you to play in three different ways – lay it down flat, set it up as an easel, or put it on a rocker base.

Keep those iPads protected!

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  1. I was just looking for iGuy last weekend cause baby Mio seems to be getting fond of throwing things at me when his streaming stops..including the iPad..only its impossible to fit in out littler baby bags..

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