Baby Fashionista: Aila Wang

Watch out Suri Cruise, there’s another IT tot in town…Aila Wang!  She is none other than fashion designer Alexander Wang’s adorable niece and already one of coolest mini superstars.  That girl is turning heads as she struts down in her trendy outfits with her very own mini Rocco bag,  a true baby fashionista!

Can you imagine what her closet is like?  It’s probably filled with miniature A.Wang handbags, fresh off the runway frocks, and custom pieces made especially for her!

Hoping the fur is fake, but the over-sized look on her is just too cute for words!

Look at this fabulous outfit Aila Wang strutted in during New York Fashion Week.   A halter neck leather pinafore dress accessorized with glamorous sunglasses and a black Chanel bag….so fashion-savvy!

I’m jealous of a 3 year old girl who probably can’t even read yet!  Oh how I wish I was Alexander Wang’s niece…
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

kids are from pluto


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