Make your own Stamps

Make your own Stamps!

Huh? You can make your own stamps? Yep, you sure can. But let me first clarify, I am talking about rubber stamps, not the post office stamps for your letters.

It’s quick, fun, easy, and affordable; all ingredients for a wonderful arts and crafts project for your kids. The other day I was browsing around for stamps at Paper Source and surprisingly, when the cashier rang me up, I had a total of $60.  This was just too much to pay for such a simple item so I decided to look for alternative ideas.

Just for giggles, I decided to research how to make your own stamps. This is what I found.  All you need are bottle caps and foam stickers, which you can buy at your local craft store. I usually get my supplies at Michaels.

Simply place the foam stickers on top of the bottle caps and VOILA, you just made your own stamp! The number of projects you can create with this is endless:

  • This would also be a great idea to learn alphabets, numbers, animals, colors, etc
  • Have your kids make Thank You cards
  • Fun for parties and events
  • School projects…and more!

What you’ll need:

  • different sizes of bottle caps
  • foam stickers
  • stamp pad

fun projects with kids

Get lots and lots of bottle caps ready!

fun projects with kids

I already had some sparkly foam stickers from Michaels, but the plain ones are better.

fun projects for kids

Stick it on your bottle cap and STAMP!

So fun and easy right?!  Such a simple project for kids that will distract them for hours!

Happy Stamping!


  1. Quora says:

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    There are so many simple toys and games out there. A child can have fun playing anything…what makes it more fun is playing the game with you! Arts & crafts like making your own stamps can be simple. All you need is foam stickers and bottle caps! They…

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