ZARA for the little ones

Happy FASHIONABLE Friday everyone!

So I’ve been doing some online shopping and I can’t believe how adorable Zara clothes are for kids and their models makes everything 10 times cuter!

I am so over this summer weather already!  I can’t wait for the cold to come so I can start layering, wearing scares, coats, and BOOTS!   While I was doing some online shopping, I got sidetracked with all the kids clothes from Zara.  Why is everything made for kids so much cuter?!

With fall coming in, here are some of my favorite looks and items from Zara kids:

SERIOUSLY, so cute right?!  Your kids would be turning heads with outfits like these!  Are you excited to dress your kids up in fall clothes?  I know my sister CANNOT wait any longer!

Happy Shopping!



  1. When I lived in Europe I LOVED shopping at Zara for my 3 year old. I got the cutest Fall jumpers and beautiful sweaters. How disappointed I was that the US didn’t offer the same until more recently! Love this blog! I will be in the LA area soon and we can’t wait to do Disney and some other fun stuff with our kids! 🙂

    • Zara is AMAZING! I can’t wait until Fall weather really begins so I can shop for the cutest winter clothes for my nephew and niece! Thank you so much for all the love here on Pluto! 🙂

      When will you be coming to LA? Email me if you need any suggestions or ANYTHING! Where will you be staying? Let me know if you have any questions!

  2. if only I could afford those gorgeous little baby jackets.

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