BabyGanics – For All Natural Babies

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Does your child have sensitive skin?  My nephew and niece does and I’ve been noticing how much their skin has gotten better.  My sister is very cautious about the skin products she uses for her kids and she’s tried various products but nothing showed much improvement except one: BabyGanics.  BabyGanics is all about products that cleans like crazy and are baby safe, earth safe, people safe, AND picky mother-in-law safe.  Using the best products and knowing all the materials and ingredients used is so important for your little ones!

BabyGanics is:

  • Safe – Free from harm, injury or risk.
  • Natural – Products sourced from nature, i.e. plant based sources.
  • Sustainable – Materials that are readily biodegradable, provide for long term well being and are responsibly derived from our natural resources.
  • Renewable resources – Ingredients that are replaced by nature at a rate faster than we consume.
  • Healthy lifestyle – Making choices that benefit our health and well being while avoiding risk and potentially harmful materials.
  • Gentle – Neutral and safe formulations that are safe to touch, breathe and handle.
  • Value – Affordability of premium products at everyday prices.
  • Non toxic – Products that have low or no toxicity when used liberally and as directed.

Once I saw how gentle Jackson and Riley’s “Foamin’ Fun” was, I decided to try it out for myself!  Why not?  It’s not just for babies only right?!  It can be used for shampoo AND body wash, 2 in 1…whoo!  This fragrance and tear-free product felt so gentle and light on my skin, I might even have to buy a bottle for myself!  It’s simple…just Squeeze, Foam, Lather, Giggle, Rinse!

From diapering, surface cleaning, laundry, bath & skin, and oral care…BabyGanics has all the household cleaning products out there that are safe, effective, and natural!

Happy Cleaning!

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