Adorable Rugs for Kids

Hello Everyone!
You know what’s a small detail in a room that doesn’t really get recognized but makes a big difference?  RUGS.  Is it because it’s on the floor we don’t give as much attention to it?  I don’t know, but rugs are SO cute!  It’s the little details that matter in the room, and yes,  rugs matter.  Let’s give some acknowledgment to the the rugs!

kids are from pluto

1.  A sweet statement with Elephants for the room –  pbk Elephant Round Rug

2.  Elephants again! – J’adorable Jonathan Adler Elephant Rug

3.  Add a little bit of carnival party to the room – Dwell Studios Garland Rug

4 .  A soft touch for a girl’s room – pbk Carmen Rug

5.  Colors & Stripes – pbk Hudson Rug

6.  I just love! – Dwell Studios Zinnia Rose Rug

7.  Add a little roar to your decor for your stylish cub – J’adorable Jonathan Adler Lion Rug

8.  Monkey-ing ’round!  – pbk Monkey Rug

Rugs need some lovin’ too!

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