Macaron Madness

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Move over cupcakes, macarons are officially taking over!  Yes, I said it!  m.a.c.a.r.o.n.s.  These delicious goodies are starting to show up wedding favors, in dessert buffets, at tea parties, at birthday parties, you name it!  Not only are they super yummy, but the presentation of these delicate little baked cuties really pops out anywhere!  We all know these French desserts look amazing no matter what because of the color and their itty bitty size, but let’s take it up a notch and let me show you the most adorable, cutest, amazing, fascinating, charming macarons your eyes will ever lay on and yes…they. are. all. edible!  Are you ready???

For ANY Hello Kitty lover!  Which is like 99.9% of all women right?! Recipe here.

Perfect for teacher appreciation day!  Cute AND delicious! Image via.

Neapolitan macarons for a ice cream social and it’s REAL ice cream inside!  Recipe here.

cute macarons

Sparkly, glittery, and pepperminty for a Christmas party! Recipe here.

cute macarons

My favorite of all Santa’s reindeers..RUDOLPH! Recipe here.

cute macarons

Dress up your macarons this season.  Recipe here.

cute macarons

Crunchy Carrot Macarons in a MINI colander (you know I love mini anything)!  Recipe here.

cute macarons

love, love, LOVE.  Recipe here.

cute macarons

yes, there’s even ANGRY BIRD macarons!  Recipe here.

cute macarons

When life gives you lemons, make lemon macarons! Recipe here.

cute macarons

Ice cream party! Recipe here.

cute macarons

Wouldn’t you like to have these donuts with your coffee in the morning?  Recipe here.

cute macarons

This makes me very HOPPY.  Recipe here.

cute macarons

Beary cute for a baby shower!  Recipe here.

cute macarons

MAC attack!  MACarons that is.  Little Mac Burgers recipe here.

cute macarons

Who can resist Elmo?  Perfect for my Sesame Street Inspiration Board Party!  Recipe here.

I told you…macaron madness right?!  Did you fall in love?  I’m sure your stomachs did!  Customize your macarons for any occasion or event.  It will be the talk of the party!

Now Get baking!



  1. mouthfulofwords says:

    Omg, I love these. You must be a chef or something because they are gorgeous, and again your pics really pop. Definitely making the apple or snowflake one for ma daughter’s pre-k teacher. You will bemy go to person for all crafts 😉

    • I’m actually not a pastry chef…I wish I was! I did research and pulled all these macarons together to give readers some macaron inspiration. =) Please blog if you make them for your daughter’s pre-k teacher! Feel free to email me if you have any questions, I’m more than happy to help!

      • mouthfulofwords says:

        Thank you. I find it very difficult to shop for teachers, so during X-mas last year, I made something. It was a salt caramel with one green and one red apple, so those apple macaron and X-mas macaron would be really cute. I will absolutely let you know when I make them, because no doubt I will have many many questions lol. Kidding, but I will connect for sure. thank you.

      • Good luck! Let me know how it goes. =)


  1. […] isn’t much buzz about cupcakes nowadays? They are taking the backseat to other pastries such as macarons, cakes, pies, cookies, and even yogurt […]

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