Storage and Organizing for Kids

Happy Makeover Monday everyone!
The one thing about kids room that gives us a headache is all the STUFF they have, don’t you agree?!  All the toys, books, stuffed animals, arts & crafts, blocks, cars, board games…when does it end?!   What do you do when you want to throw it away but you know your kid will ask about ANY toy that goes missing?  The solution is simple: storage and organizing!  START YOUNG – teach your kids to put away their toys, and they’ll learn to be more organized.  That’s less work for you in the future. =) You can make rooms look clean and tidy from simple storaging (is that a actual word?  if not, in pluto it is!).  There’s cuter ways to organize toys than by leaving it in toy chests and bags…here are a few ideas from my  pinterest board.

I absolutely love this entire wall made up of storage boxes!  You will ever run out of space!

Love the look of cloth bins over plastic ones.

The idea of having a curtain to cover up is adorable!  It’s easy for kids to0 – just toss the toys in and cover up!

I love the look of building some floating boxes above the bed.  Easy placement for their bedtime stories and stuffed animals they go to bed with!

Floating boxes again!

A fun leggo themed room with leggo storage drawers!  Would you do this?!

A fun “locker” storage system..for those who love sports!

Every crafter’s dream…perfect for those who love arts & crafts!

Love the little buckets to organize color pencils, crayons, markers, and little gadgets!

How do store away all the STUFF?

Happy organizing!


  1. littlefashionistas says:

    I like the white boxes in diferent sizes!

  2. Thanks for sharing all these lovely designs. They are really cute. And yes I do agree that this can fit and look good anywhere in the house. I really liked the fun leggo themed room with leggo storage drawers! They are colorful and something that I would like to try out at my home.

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