Sesame Street Birthday

Happy Friday Everyone!
I never grew up watching Sesame Street but the adorable monster characters seem to be a big hit for kids these days!  Putting together an inspiration board for a birthday party is so inspiring!  It totally reminds me of when I helped with Jackson and Riley’s Colorful Crayola Party.  The colors are similar which makes party planning extra fun, seriously, who doesn’t love working with the colors of the rainbow?
Sesame street screams all kinds of colors, characters, and FUN!  You’ve got the red in Elmo, yellow in the Big Bird, blue in the Cookie Monster, green in Oscar, and orange in Dorothy!  Each character has it’s own unique personality which gives you more opportunities for lots of different elements in a party.  Check out what inspired auntie k!

Perfect for party favors.

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How cute are these pom poms?!

Above image via.

Make a HEALTHY veggie platter looking delicious and yummy for the kids!

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Get creative!  Use crayons as decor.

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Unwrap bubble bottle wrappers and turn it into Elmos!

Above image via.

TEMPORARY tattoo parlor, how fun!

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Use chalk elements like in the show!

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Are you planning to throw a Sesame Street Party soon?  Doesn’t all the colors, patterns, and characters make this theme so fun?!  Have a great weekend everyone!  As Oscar the Grouch would say….”NOW SCRAM!!!”



  1. Oh my God, this is a great post! I want everything here!! This is bringing back great memories x

  2. This is super cute. I’ve done an Elmo cake before. He is a hard little booger to make look right.

  3. Ah super cute cake and you made it yourself? So talented! Love your pinterest 🙂


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