we’re crazy about Chalkboard Paint!

Hi Everyone!  This is my first post since the revamp and I’m super excited to share what my current obsession is!  You know what EVERYONE needs to invest in?  CHALKBOARD PAINT, that’s right!  Chalkboard paint can be used everywhere and anywhere.  It’s such a great way to personalize and label things, amazing for parties, but most of all, it’s fun for the kids!  Here are the few ways you can use chalkboard paint –

Paint an entire wall just for your kids so they can go chalkboard crazy!  Image via.

Image via.

DIY Chalkboard Paint Platter!  The perfect way to serve cheese, cookies, or any other goodies and the presentation is so beautiful!  Steps here.

Perfect for a Chalkboard Paint wine & cheese night.  Image via.

Such a cute way to leave a little love letter for your kids! Image via.

Chalk Labels on Milk Jars!  Perfect little details for parties.  Image via.

DIY Chalkboard Table for your kids!  Steps here.

Chalkboard Clay Pots for your herb garden!  Steps here.

Perfect for a “sweet dreams” message or a “good morning” message!  Image via.

Did I give you enough reasons to buy chalkboard paint yet?  Don’t limit yourself to only black, go crazy with the colors!  Hudson Paints has any color you can think of.  What have you done with chalkboard paint?  Please share!

auntie k



  1. We made little mini-chalkboards with old plywood for all my nieces and nephews for Christmas. So much fun. We spray painted the bordering and glued it on with wood glue. Then we put chalk and a piece of cut up rag for an eraser into a little snowman bag. Super cute and easy. We love chalkboard paint too!

    • That sounds like an amazing gift! If you have pictures, show me through email, I would love to see them!

      Who doesn’t love chalkboard paint?! You can do so much with it!

  2. For some reason I can’t find your e-mail on here. I found your Pinterest page though. Here is a link to our chalkboards on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/pin/184647653442466505/

  3. myjourney2healthy says:

    That’s awesome!!

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