Peanut Butter Apple Sandwich

Do you love dipping apples in peanut butter for a snack?  Mmmmm… that creamy goodness doesn’t make me feel AS guilty since I’m also eating a frut. =)  Sure, slicing apples and dipping it in the PB container is easy, but…that’s not as fun as making a Peanut Butter Apple Sandwich!  You can be more creative with your toppings and it’s just more silly and fun to eat slices of apples as if they were breads!  Here’s a quick, simple, and fun way to make a snack for your kids, or  for yourself!


  • Peanut Butter (creamy or crunchy!)
  • Apple
  • Granola
  • Mini Chocolate Chips
  • & any other toppings you love!

kids are from pluto

kids are from pluto

1.  Cut your apple slices flat and circular.  Then cut a hole out in the middle to take out seeds.

kids are from pluto

2.  Top your sliced apple with granola, chocolate chips, peanut butter, and anything else – get creative!

kids are from pluto

3.  Put another thin layer of PB on the other slice of apple so it sticks.  Place on top, and EAT!

I love the taste of the creamy PB, crunchy granola, sweet chocolate taste, and the freshness of the apple!  Try making this for your go-to snack next time…don’t we all have peanut butter and apples laying around the kitchen all the time?  I know I do!


auntie k



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