DIY Deluxe Kid Wash

kids are from pluto

Are your kids back in school yet?  I hope not!  Here’s a little treat for them before they go back to the books — The Deluxe Kid Wash!  Last week I wrote a post on how to keep cool in this scorching hot weather and one idea was to make a kid car wash.  Charity from cb Shilkret designs was so inspired by this idea, she made her own amazing wash for her kids!  I loved it so much I had to ask her to send over the pictures and I seriously could not stop aw-ing at them!  I can’t decide what I love more — her own DIY kid wash or her two adorable ADORABLE little boys!  Check out her amazing work for yourself!

Charity got the plans from Family Fun – The Deluxe Kid Wash.  Here are some things she changed and some of the thoughts behind this creative mommy!

I used plant mister’s instead of just holes like they suggested.  I wanted the first two sections to be misted and not totally pouring out heavy.   But, I made the last bar just holes.  (We called the last part “The Rinser”), ha ha.  I added the remaining pool noodles on strings and made it removable because it’s too low to just kids of varying heights to walk through.  But, it was super fun with the low bikes (tricycles, and various vehicles). The polka dot flaps were a table cloth from Big lots.  $3.25, and the pool noodles and sponges were $1 each from the Dollar Tree.  The PVC and connectors came up to about $25.”

kids are from pluto

kids are from pluto

       kids are from pluto  kids are from pluto

kids are from pluto

       kids are from pluto  kids are from pluto

kids are from pluto

       kids are from pluto  kids are from pluto

kids are from pluto

all image credit to: cb shilkret designs

HOW AMAZING is this kid wash?!  It’s the perfect way to wash their little trikes and for them to cool down.  Host a FREE toy car wash and invite all your neighbors!  Thanks so much for sharing Charity!

Check out cb shilkret’s website and facbeook.  Her ideas and designs are amazing!

Enjoy and please share if you build your own kid wash!


auntie k


  1. WOW!! This is wayyyy too cool!! Love it!!

  2. Oh my gosh, my boys would love that!

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