World’s Smallest Post Service

Okay….if you all don’t know, I am OBSESSED with anything miniature and tiny.  Everything is just so much more cuter that way! Mini coke cans, mini ice cream cones, mini cupcakes…the list goes on and on!  Don’t you agree?!  But wait…this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE miniature thing I have ever seen.

Do you have exciting news to announce?  A love letter or a birthday greeting to someone?  Maybe a note from the tooth fairy? Or even just to say a little hello? Well…Leafcutter Designers creates mini letters, invitations, and mini packages (my favorite!!!) to announce your BIG news in tiny ways!  Aren’t you curious to see how it works? Check out their video here!

Seriously…how cute is this?!!  I’ve been discovering so many treasures recently like customized ice cream from eCreamery!  This idea of mini letters and packages to send out blew me away!  Wouldn’t you love to receive a birthday greeting in this teeny tiny little paper?!  SO CUTE!

Let me continue with the obsession..check out their fun, whimsical little goodies here!  Browse around!

Send a little hello to someone special!


auntie k



  1. I love miniature things too! This is soo cute! Thanks for posting the website!

  2. I love this! I may have to buy a few items myself. Super duper adorable.

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