Thank You Mom – 2012 Summer Olympics

Did you have a good weekend? I bet most of you are thinking, “yes, but it was too short!” Ahh, story of our lives huh? =)

Well, if your cup of coffee or tea this morning didn’t help, hopefully I can give you some cheer to start your day off.


Have you been following the Summer Olympics at all? I absolutely love watching the Olympics, but this weekend I am guilty of missing most of the early events. Taking a step back and looking at the Olympics as a whole, this is one of the few moments where the entire world comes together in a positive way. It is incredible and encouraging to see that even with differing beliefs on many issues today, the human race can put these differences aside and unite not only for tradition, but for universal support.

Whether representatives from your country medal or not, while watching the various events, it is difficult not to respect how much hard-work and dedication it takes to even qualify for the Olympics. There are athletes who train year round just to have the honor of representing their country in the Olympics with little hope of bringing home a medal. Participating is the victory, so in reality, there are no losers!

I can’t even imagine what it takes to raise a child with such an athletic gift where the Olympics are even a possibility.  The amount of time and dedication is multiplied as parents – working around your child’s schedule to be able to take them to practice, attend their games, support their fundraisers… the list goes on and on.

I think this video is a great video showing exactly what I’m talking about. PLEASE PLEASE watch, it is absolutely touching.  Grab your tissues…this is such a tearjerker!


I truly respect everyone involved in the Olympics: athletes, parents and coaches. This is why I love the Olympics!

Have a happy Monday everyone!


auntie k



  1. LOVING IT!!!!!😃😃😃

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