Happy Little Kiwi and A Little Learning for Two

I love the blogging community!  It’s so amazing who you “browse” into within the blogging world.  I discovered Carly from Happy Little Kiwi when she liked one of my posts.  With that, I went onto her blog and LOVED everything about it!  The crafts, the pictures, the products, and her adorable little girl, Kyra!

Her Ice Eggs post definitely caught my eyes!  I want to do this with my nephew and niece.  Jackson and Riley LOVES to play with regular ice cubes   Don’t you think it would be super fun to play with these ginormous ice rocks?!  Especially in this hot summer weather!  After reading about Ice Eggs, I discovered A Little Learning for Two.  A blog dedicated to crafts, products, and other fun stuff for kids.  Check both Happy Little Kiwi and A Little Learning for Two out, they’re amazing!

Isn’t it so great to find other people around the world with the same interests and passion as you do?

Keep blogging and do what you love.  Someone like me will appreciate it and love it as much as you do!


auntie k



  1. Thank you for your kind words Auntie K! I love to share all the cool crafts that Kyra and I try out and I’m so glad to to hear your feedback! You have a great blog here too and I look forward to seeing your future posts! Thanks again, Carly x


  1. […] Ice Eggs – Make these ginormous Ice Eggs that I absolutely love from A Little Learning for Two.  Wouldn’t it be so fun to toss them […]

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