Endless Twine from Pick Your Plum


As you all may know, I’m a huge sucker for those “daily websites”.  You know, the websites shows new products or deals everyday.  It’s so exciting to wake up and see new things, it’s seriously like Christmas every morning for me! =)


Well, I got a treat for all my readers that love the “little details” in everything.  I introduce you to Pick Your Plum!  I absolutely love, love, LOVE this website.  They sell anything from crafting, clothing, baking supplies, home decor and other fabulous finds for such amazing prices!

I had to blog about them, especially today because of what their selling…TWINE!!!  240 magical yards for only $4.95!!! That is $0.02 a yard or $0.006 a foot (oh yeah, that’s right).  There is 6 different colors, and I bought all 6.  I can’t let this deal slip between my fingers.

How cute is this?  I will never have to buy a roll of ribbon again!  Hurry and get your summer twine.  Don’t let this deal past you!  The possibilities of twine can go on forever and ever, find your inspiration here.

Happy TWINE shopping!


auntie k



  1. What a deal!!!! Love love love this. Thanks so much for posting. I have been away from the computer and not blogging or Facebooking since I’m over my head in projects. Nice to see this! TFS

  2. Wow!

    Here’s one for you since you are sourcing lots of goodies for us all


    The Glo Clock….for the kiddies

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