Don’t you love farmer markets?  I attended the one in Monrovia last week, and I absolutely LOVED it!  Not only did they have a variety of cute little trinkets and treasures, food, fruits, flowers, and vegetables, but they also had a petting zoo, ponies, and bounce houses!  The biggest treasure I found though was a DANCE-OFF COMPETITION…between 6, 7 and as young as 3 year old boys!  Even though it was dark, I knew I HAD to record this for my readers!  I can’t believe how talented these boys are at such a young age!  Not only are they skilled at dancing, but they have the courage to show their moves in front of a large crowd.  How inspiring is that? I couldn’t even say a speech in front of my high school class when I was running for student body.  I truly admire them.  Check out these videos and see it for yourself!





How adorable are these little boys?!  The youngest boy was THREE YEARS OLD!  Even though he wasn’t a part of the competition he wanted to jump in and show his moves.  Too cute!

I hope you enjoyed this!


auntie k

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