DIY Pinwheels

diy pinwheels

I LOVE pinhweels!  They remind me of my childhood days when I used to buy the plastic colorful ones whenever I went to the supermarket with my mom.  These days, pinwheels are more then just a toy that spins around when a gust of wind comes.  Now you see pinwheels at weddings, decor for parties, cupcake toppers, embellishments for favors, and more.  Why go out and buy pinwheels when you can make your own and customize it to your theme and colors?  Here’s how:

diy pinwheels

Get square cardstock, some dowels, got glue gun, and pins.

diy pinwheels

Fold all the corners to the opposite end to make a criss-cross crease, then cut along the lines until 1 inch from the center.

diy pinwheels

Fold every other corner to the center and hot glue it down.

diy pinwheels

Once all corners are glued down, stick the push pin in the center and pin through the dowel.

diy pinwheels   diy pinwheels

diy pinwheels   diy pinwheels

Ta-Da!  These colors matched our ocean birthday party so I used pink, blue, and their theme of bubbles.   The more patterns and colors you use, the more fun the pinwheel is!  You can even stick the pinwheel onto fun patterned straws!

Super simple!  Go out and make these pinwheels just for fun!  Stick it outside on your front lawn to add some fun and color for the summer. =)


auntie k



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