DIY Wooden Beach Sign

DIY wooden beach sign

Throwing Little Hudson and Miss Addison’s ocean vintage themed birthday party this past weekend with Sophia from Petite Productions was so fun! I loved all the little decor details, meeting new vendors, and all the little kids I got to play with.   Another thing I really loved was all the DIY details that went into this party.  Here’s a DIY wooden beach sign with a vintage feel I helped make.

DIY wooden beach sign

DIY wooden beach sign

Start off with your wooden sign.  I broke the top left piece off so it gives it the more shipwrecked look.

DIY wooden beach sign

Slowly brush the paint onto the wood.  You don’t want to cover everything since you want some wood showing through.

DIY wooden beach sign

This looks more natural but you can always do another coat for the pop of color.

DIY wooden beach sign


DIY wooden beach sign

Lastly, write on your wooden beach sign!  I took the remaining black on the paint brush and lightly brushed it throughout the wood to make it look more washed up and dirty.

This project would be fun for ANYTHING.  Get some wood, paint, brushes, and have fun!

Happy Painting!


auntie k


  1. What a cute sign!

  2. CinZilicious says:

    WOW, love this DIY!!! Love how you gave it that washed up and dirty look, hehe


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