Vintage Beach Party

I can’t wait for Saturday!  I am working with Sophia from Petite Productions to throw a vintage beach birthday party for little Hudson whose turning 1, and his older sister Addison whose turning 2.  As we’re working on all the details, decor, and DIY crafts, I had to make an inspiration board which include some of our ideas and more!  Take a look!

beach birthday party

1.  Printed seashell pillows for outdoor lounge furniture.

2.  We all love candy bars…but forget the popular sweets, and bring out all the old-fashioned candy like salt water taffy, candy sticks, candy buttons!

3.  A cute way to send “Thank You” cards…A Message in a Bottle!

4.  Use your kid’s hands for some octopus, crab, and fish art!  They love to finger paint anyways!

5.  The only time to have sodas…old fashioned soda pops in the color of the rainbow!

6.  What’s more fun than having a goldfish and some coral in a fish bowl for an arrangement?

7.  Sea star cake pops!  Put it in a pail of brown sugar and display on the dessert table…how cute is that?!

8.  Send our invitations wrapped in burlap and top it off with a seashell embellishment!

9.  Take a recycled wood plank and write [BIRTHDAY KID’S NAME] BEACH on it!

10.  Love, love, LOVE the entire table set-up with props and decor!

11.  A simple and cute way to do napkins with a menu.  The little clothespin decor is so cute!

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Doesn’t this make you want to throw a vintage beach party now?!  I can’t wait to show you pictures from Saturday’s event and some DIY crafts next time!


auntie k


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