Happy Father’s Day!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and had a wonderful Sunday with your dads!  My family took our dad to The Lobster in Santa Monica yesterday since he loves to eat with an ocean view.  Not only that, but my dad is a huge fan of clam chowder and loves to critique every chowder he drinks (he was very impressed). Of course we had to order the lobster which was so fresh..and when dipped it in melted butter…DELICIOUS!  Afterwards, we walked around Santa Monica Pier but since we didn’t plan this, we didn’t have the appropriate beach attire.  Walking on the wood planks in heels…not a good idea.  Afterwards, we surprised our dad with 12 new baby koi’s to add to his pond!  Steak & lobster lunch by the beach, family time, and new additions to his koi family…my dad had an amazing Sunday!  Happy Father’s Day Daddy, you’re truly the best dad in the world.


the lobster santa monica

the lobster santa monica

Dungeness Crab & Shrimp “Louis” Salad

the lobster santa monica

Burrata Cheese

the lobster santa monica

Jumbo Wild Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

the lobster santa monica

Cockle Clam Chowder

the lobster santa monica

Santa Monica Style Lobster Roll

the lobster santa monica

What a feast!!!

the lobster santa monica

Going BIG for Father’s Day…surf & turf!!!

the lobster santa monica

The bib was a must.

the lobster santa monicasanta monica pier

Grandpa with Jackson

santa monica pier

Grandpa with Riley


Adding to the Koi family~

father's day

Does this pose look familiar?  We tried to imitate the one from Mother’s Day but in a standing version. hehe =)


auntie k


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