Father’s Day Gift Guide

It is not too late to buy a Father’s Day gift if you haven’t already!  I made a gift guide for those who are stumped, and for mommies who are buying presents for their husbands for being such good daddies!

1.  Get your child’s art as a unique key chain for dad, mom, or even grandpa, and grandma!  Formia Design

2.  Make sure daddy gets a cup of joe before going to work every morning with the Keurig.  SALE ENDS 6/17

3.  Lab Series Skincare Age-less Face Cream….Men are afraid of wrinkles too!

4.  MAN CANDLE, enough said.

5.  Book a tee time for your dad or husband…they deserve it!

6.  Let them grill steaks, burgers, or fish with the Breville Smart Grill.

7.  For the Whiskey lovers…never use ice again…use Whiskey Stones!

8.  With summertime here, get the colorful Vilebreguin swimming shorts for men…and you can even buy matching ones for your son!

9.  iPhone + Bikers = The Quad Lock!


Happy Shopping!


auntie k


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