Brother, Sister Love

As Jackson and Riley is growing older, I am constantly aw-ing at their brother and sister relationship.  I never grew up with a brother so I didn’t get to experience being punked around, getting made fun of, or having someone watch over me like a big brother would.  But hey, I’m not complaining…I had the opportunity to grow up with 3 sisters, all with different personalities, which each one of them grew an impact on me. =)

I remember the day Riley was born and Jackson couldn’t wait to visit her at the hospital.  He was so intrigued by such a tiny baby he couldn’t stop staring at her.  Of course he was very interested in the first month but afterwards, he played on his own since he didn’t know how to play with such a small baby who just ate, slept, and pooped all day.  Hehe.  It’s not until these past couple of months their relationship started to develop.  With Riley walking, talking(making noises), and laughing more, Jackson is able to play AND fight with her now.  I remember the days Jackson used to give Riley the “babies toys” only (Sophie), but now he’s sharing his “big boy” toys and even telling mommy and daddy to buy her a toy whenever he gets a new toy.  From saying “no babies allowed”, Jackson is now carrying her little hand wherever he goes and pushing her in his wagon.

Simple moments like these makes me think about sibling love and how fun it is to grow up with someone.  Despite all the arguments, fighting over clothes, and drama I had with my sisters…we now share something truly special.  I’m so lucky to be a part of Jackson and Riley’s lives so I can watch their relationship develop and remind them how important family is.  Although some of us has family right down the street, or even across the world, let’s not forget that family is everything.  As our family of 10 is constantly growing, I always remind myself that family is where life begins and love never ends.

brother sister love

brother sister love

brother sister love

brother sister love

brother sister love

brother sister love

brother sister love

brother sister love

brother sister love

Have a great Monday!


auntie k


  1. this is so sweet! 🙂

  2. I can’t take it anymore. They are too cute. I have to meet them. I’m going to fly back to LA soon!

  3. those photos are adorable. this makes me wish to have another kid so my 2 year old has someone to play with 🙂

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these photos. Especially the ones where Jackson is being the big brother and holding Riley’s hand or touching her head. 🙂


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