Korean BBQ – Family Friendly Restaurant

During Memorial Weekend, we had dinner with our relatives who live in the OC.  They’ve been wanting to take us to Gen Korean BBQ and Yakitori Bar — a All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ restaurant where the quality of meat is very good.  Because they’re so popular and it’s all you can eat with a 2 hour time limit, the restaurant doesn’t take reservations!  My aunt had to go line up at 4:30 to make sure my family of 16 would be seated by 6:30.  Yes, a TWO hour wait.

When we finally got seated, the ambiance and service was amazing.  I felt like I was having dinner in a lounge setting!  Anyways, during dinner I realized how family friendly Korean BBQ is.  It’s a great place for large families to be loud (and babies to cry) without disturbing anyone and the experience is so fun!  During dinner, Jackson had such a great time helping everyone grill the meat, he even forgot to eat himself!  If you’re in the OC or LA area, check out Gen Korean BBQ in Tustin — you will not regret it!

korean bbq

korean bbq

korean bbq

Was the 2 hour wait worth it?  YES!!

Do you have a Korean BBQ restaurant where you live?


auntie k



  1. They are popular in Vancouver where I grew up and i loved going with a big group of co-workers. Yummy and fresh. I’ve seen some in Toronto as well but way more in Vancouver because of the large Asian community there.


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