Threadless Tees

gap + threadless

During Memorial Weekend, I went shopping at Gap and I discovered Gap+ Threadless Tees.  It’s an online community that makes T-shirts designed by people like you!  Their shirts are so simple, yet so cute and creative!  It’s not made just by one designer, but people from all over the world — YOU can even be a designer by submitting a design here.  Or you can enter their current challenge which is to create a design inspired by the art of “it’s a small world.”  Contest ends on June 11, 2012 so hurry and submit your creativity!

There’s a few designs made exclusively for Gap but there are many more designs on Threadless.  Here are some of my favorite Gap + Threadless Tees for kids:

Gap + Threadless

Bungee Jumping

Gap + Threadless

I love uuuuuuuuuuuuuGap + Threadless Almost Full – I LOVE this one!

Gap + Threadless

When I Grow Up

Go to your nearest Gap to check out the Gap + Threadless tees.  But that’s not all of the designs…check out Threadless homepage for more!  They have designs for everyone but their kids stuff is super cute!  They have everything from tees, bags, iphone cases, to books, and much much more!!!!

Are you going to try submitting a design?  Maybe I should make  a “Kids are from Pluto” one. hehe =)


auntie k



  1. ahhh, I love Threadless! Only thing I dislike about it is when they retire certain prints for good…I bought my boys some shirts in the past that I want to buy again because the design was cool…but sadly they became retired! 😦

    I didn’t even know Gap was carrying Threadless tees now! Cool!

    • That’s how I found out about Threadless, because of Gap! Gap has adorable ones right now! My advice is, if you love it…stock up on it! hehee

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