Most Popular Baby Names in 2011

What to do when your son or daughter brings home their first boyfriend or girlfriend?  When to bring up the first conversation about the birds and the bees?  Where to move to so that your child can have the best education?  These are all BIG decisions in a parent’s life… but what’s even more important, and occurs much earlier is…WHAT TO NAME YOUR CHILD???

You can buy a book of names, scan through lists of articles of popular names, read through the Bible, or just pick your favorite celebrity or even TV or movie character to name your child.  The methods are endless.  I’m sure after the new Avengers movie, there will be an increase in the number of babies named Thor this year.

Whatever the underlying reason is, I present to you the top baby names of 2011.

source:  Yahoo! News

Does your child’s name make the Top 10?!


auntie k


  1. My son is still in the top 10…oh no! I picked it to name him after my grandfather plus we live in a Greek neighbourhood so he’s very popular with the Grandmas:)

    • I love how your son’s name has a meaning behind it rather than just choosing a name, it makes it that more special. =)

      • Thanks:) We were going to name our daughter Sierra because my hubby is an avid hiker and dreams of exploring the Sierra Madre. When I was in the hospital there were Italian and Irish nurses and they convinced us of spelling it “Ciara”…they pronounce it “Kee-ah-rah” but we pronounce it like the mountains:)

  2. My kids names are not on the list, but my own name has made the list for the past couple years now! (Abigail is my middle name.) I used to not like my name growing up, but it’s been growing on me lately. 🙂

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