Hong Kong Disneyland

Helloooooo Monday!

I just got back from Hong Kong and China on Saturday and I can’t tell you how much I’m struggling with this jet lag.  Yawning numerous times throughout the day, dozing off at random times, and all the tossing and turning at night is driving me crazy!  How long is this going to last?!! Ahhhh

Anyways, before my flight back home to LA, I took a spontaneous trip to Hong Kong DISNEYLAND!  I had a couple of hours to kill and I figured, “Why not?  When am I ever gonna go to Disneyland in another country again?”  I knew I HAD to go…just to see it with my own eyes and to take pictures for you guys to see!

Right when I got off the MTR to transfer onto the Disneyland Resort Station, I knew this was going to be such an amazing experience.  I kept looking out for attractions that Disney California didn’t have or things that were different.  I acted like Jackson when it was his first time going to Disneyland.  Can you imagine how excited I was?!  There were so many things that just opened up my eyes and made me giddy.  From services like luggage check-in, the food items like noodles and rice, the humidity and rain, to the products sold in the stores, I am so lucky I had the chance to experience a different Disneyland aside from the one back home.

Hong Kong’s Disneyland Resort Station is the gateway into the magic!  The design of this MTR gets everyone excited as they approach the gates to Disneyland. I just love the handrails of Mickey’s face!

Look how long the line is to meet Mickey and Minnie!  It even wraps around the corner!

Unbelievably excited and happy!

Aside from the typical burgers and hotdogs, Hong Kong Disneyland serves Chinese food like chicken with black bean sauce and seafood noodle soup.  I vote we bring this over to California’s Disneyland!

Hong Kong Disneyland is significantly smaller than California’s.  It’s perfect because you don’t have to spend a whole day to experience all the attractions.  We all know kids can’t last that long without a afternoon nap!

a FIVE minute wait for Space Mountain?! That’s unheard of!

Look how crowded it was….=)

Look how prepared this family was for the rain…each member even brought their own umbrella!

Whereas this family had to buy ponchos…at least it’s cute!

Sadly, I was not prepared either. =(  But hey, it can be considered as my souvenir right?!

Disneyland is still fun when it’s rainy and wet!

Products I’ve never seen back at home in LA.  Wouldn’t you want Chip or Dale to warm your head…or even have Slinky Dog to be your neck pillow?!

One of my favorite pictures.  This just shows no one is ever too old for Disneyland.  It brings out the kid in all of us. =)

TOY STORY LAND????  Stay tuned for tomorrows post dedicated just for Buzz, Woody, and friends!

Thanks for Visiting!  Come back soon!

After this trip, my goal is to go to every international Disneyland Park…Hong Kong and California is off my list!  Which Disneyland Parks have you been to?  Please share your experiences!


auntie k


  1. Thats so original!! I never knew there was one there.

    • I know! It’s exciting to see how different all the Disneylands are. Stay tuned for my post about toy story land..the decor and attractions were SUPER original with such creative ideas!

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